A Place of Power | Eco Forest Retreat on Muskoka River

- How you been my friend? Haven't heard from you for a while! - Doing great, better than excellent? That's Awesome! Glad to hear.- What you been up to? Wow, you achieved so much. You accomplished a lot! Congratulations! You try so hard to sound happy. Don't, or you will start shooting rainbows out of … Continue reading A Place of Power | Eco Forest Retreat on Muskoka River

IRONMAN 70.3 | Hawaii – “The Big Island”

https://youtu.be/geNrJqkOQjA?t=296 PRE-STORY Mental Masturbation Marbella race completely destroyed my expectations, flipped everything upside down. For about 3 weeks after the race I suffered from depressing thoughts and emotions. I got locked up in my head. I almost dropped out of sport of triathlon...  It was dark and I searched for help at different places. I … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | Hawaii – “The Big Island”


4 Essential things to improve your swimming: #1: Increased volume (three times a week 1 hour each) #2: Proper mechanics #3: Proper training plan (most important)#4: Having a coach  3 Essential Aspects of Swimming to Work on: #1: Tautness#2: Alignment #3: Propulsion  Tautness https://youtu.be/DJWMWfbgV38 It’s the ability to hold properly our bodies in the water. It’s about holding … Continue reading Theory

Triathlete’s Essential Swimming Equipment

https://youtu.be/q4AOkLRUmBo Front-mounted Swimming Snorkel (by Finners): to break down your mechanics into bite size pieces and work on each individually. It eliminates the head movement. Buoy. Used for pulling. Ankle Strap. Eliminates kicking while pulling. Paddles. Mostly beneficial for elite athletes. Not necessary for regular athletes like me and you. The purpose is to desensitize the hand and … Continue reading Triathlete’s Essential Swimming Equipment


https://youtu.be/FzJvtI2RLPw Pre-Story: Since the Paris marathon which I did on January 6th this year I decided to focus entirely on triathlons. Despite my coach’s concerns in regards to racing frequency, I set myself ambitious goal to do 5 IRONMAN Races this year. Four of them are 70.3 and one full distance, to close the season. … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | MARBELLA, Spain

Hydration After

As you already know, during exercise you lost a portion of electrolytes along with sweat. As you drink after the training, you increase the fluid levels in your body, which will lower electrolyte concentration even more. Natural foods, like fruits will replace nearly all the electrolytes, except sodium. Add two-three pinches of salt to your … Continue reading Hydration After