Ego is NOT the Enemy. EGO is the Vehicle.

To remind myself. So important to remind myself to slow down, look in the rear mirror and give yourself compassionate smile; to pat myself on a back and say “Good job partner!”; to shut down my mouth and open my eyes.  Three months to think, to reflect, to dig deep into myself. Physical pain is … Continue reading Ego is NOT the Enemy. EGO is the Vehicle.

Argon 18 E117 Tri+ | Does it worth the money?

Sport of Triathlon is expensive AF. Triathlon bike is probably one the biggest expenses that you will have to make as it may give you the most advantage on the course. People often spend ridiculous amounts of money on their two-wheeled buddies, but totally forget about the main component of getting faster. I believe that … Continue reading Argon 18 E117 Tri+ | Does it worth the money?

OVERTRAINING: §1 A New Chapter

- I can not continue like this... ENOUGH!- I am sick to my stomach. Few days ago, after the awful bike performance, I said to myself ENOUGH! I decided I will do something different. I can't continue like this any longer... The things I did differently for this workout:Instead of training in the morning, I … Continue reading OVERTRAINING: §1 A New Chapter

Hydration Before

As I already mentioned in the introduction, starting a workout in dehydrated state will take you places you don't want to be in. As little as 1% of body weight decrease due to fluid loss will make you competitively disadvantaged and put you at greater health risk. Research shows that adequate hydration level prior physical … Continue reading Hydration Before

IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, Spain. March 2, 2019 ~Strong like a BULL~

SATURDAY and it means one thing to me - #paintrain in my basement is waiting on me to take me into the magic world of pain. This time I’ve come prepared. I learned my lessons last week and made the adjustments. It all payed off! Good job Sasha!

IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, Spain. February 16, 2019

The closer I get to my first IRONMAN, the more race specific my training gets. On today’s agenda is the “BRICK”: 2 hour 15 minutes Endurance Bike Ride (180w) immediately followed by10 minutes run of the bike Fueling Before: 2 cups of coffee Essential Amino acids Whole Grapefruit 360g (40 carbs)  Hydration Considering my previous Sweat Rate … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, Spain. February 16, 2019