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The Hardware  Mother Nature equipped you with two kinds of processors (brains): rational and emotional. Throughout the evolution, emotional one was the first to develop, followed by the thinking brain. They’re in the constant battle […]


Strong emotions have significant impact on our health. Negative emotions and toxic relationships are strongly correlated with chronic diseases. The ones who learned to manage their emotional lives calmly and mindfully are on the path […]


Sleep – is a primary need. If you don’t sleep, you die. Three main pillars of good health are: nutrition, exercise and sleep. This post discusses the importance of sleep, why you are experiencing difficulties […]

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Госпитализация в США. Операция в Канаде. Процесс и стоимость.

Друзья, после падения с велосипеда на IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid, New York я получал вопросы по поводу процесса госпитализации, стоимости и реабилитации. Ниже я ответил на интересующие вопросы. Почитайте, сравните, задайте вопрос. После падения приехала […]

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Food Intolerance Test: Creating Your “Perfect Diet”

There are so many diets that promote incredible results with weight loss, muscle gain or overall well being. How many diets or different approaches have you tried in pursuit of your goals? How many times have you failed?
Don’t rely just on somebody’s opinions or suggestions to eating. I encourage you to take proactive approach and learn what works and what doesn’t, specifically with your body. Create your own “perfect” diet to live a long and healthy life.