Two Wings. Don't walk, Fly into 2020.

Gringo, where are you going? Where do you see yourself at the end of next year? How do you want to feel? Whom do you want to be? What do you dream about? Gringo, if you don't know the answers, close your ears because I am about to start telling you things you don't want … Continue reading Two Wings. Don't walk, Fly into 2020. Changing Canadian Restaurant Business Landscape. Cloud Kitchens, Dark Kitchens, Online Kitchens, Virtual Kitchens, Ghost Kitchens, Cloud Kitchens, Delivery Kitchens... The restaurant business is rapidly evolving. People are looking for ways to eat well with minimal effort. With this new concept, a whole world of opportunities lie ahead. Below, I have outlined some statistics as an appetizer. Based on marketing … Continue reading Changing Canadian Restaurant Business Landscape.

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive | Canada

Let's talk real-estate.Have you heard of the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive? As a first-time home buyer I got really interested in First-Time Home Buyer Incentive provided by the government of Canada. It was released just over a month ago (September 2nd). Government of Canada plan to spend $1.25 billion over three years for the First-Time … Continue reading First-Time Home Buyer Incentive | Canada

Human Design: The Science of the Self

Your body is A-MA-ZING. It's the ultimate bio-machine ever created. Designed by trial and error, perfected by time. Enclosed system, a mini world inside of every one of us. So complex and difficult to understand, it was given to you for free. The only thing, is that it came without manual of any kind - … Continue reading Human Design: The Science of the Self

Entrepreneurial Adventure

I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur. I was fascinated of how someone's single thought, a vision can become a business that changes people's lives. I have always enjoyed reading successes stories and biographies of strong leaders, successful business mans and just the people who made significant impact into the world we live in. … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Adventure

BYB: Box your Bike (Step-by-Step Instructions)

If you’ve ever dreamed about touring through the mountains of France or spending a week biking the trails in Whistler, you probably thought about whether or not you can fly with a bike. The answer is yes! Use my step-by-step instructions on how to bullet proof your bike for traveling on a plane.