90Min Bike, May 14, 2019. ~Heat Training. Failed~

IRONMAN Marbella 70.3 is over and Kona race is in 2 weeks. I took about 10 days of recovery and this is the first somewhat serious bike workout. Since Hawaii race will be done in much warmer climate than I'm used to, I need to train for that. To do so, I implement the "heat … Continue reading 90Min Bike, May 14, 2019. ~Heat Training. Failed~


https://youtu.be/FzJvtI2RLPw Pre-Story: Since the Paris marathon which I did on January 6th this year I decided to focus entirely on triathlons. Despite my coach’s concerns in regards to racing frequency, I set myself ambitious goal to do 5 IRONMAN Races this year. Four of them are 70.3 and one full distance, to close the season. … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | MARBELLA, Spain

1:45 Hr Bike + 30 Min Run. April 20, 2019. ~Carb Loaded. Last Brick~

Past 4-5 weeks were hell. The taper began 5 days ago and my training volume has been decreased. Having failed so many times I am not looking forward to this workout. The race is in one weeks, but I am not excited, I am not confident. Not in a right place mentally or physically. I … Continue reading 1:45 Hr Bike + 30 Min Run. April 20, 2019. ~Carb Loaded. Last Brick~

2 Hr Bike + 45 Min Run. April 13, 2019. ~Getting Outside. Hills & Wind~

This the first time this year I was riding outside. For the past 5 months I've been training in my basement on a trainer. I am so happy to finally get outdoors and test this machinery I've been working on so hard.

3 hr Bike + 20 min Run. March 15, 2019 ~God’s Mode~

SATURDAY and it means one thing to me - #paintrain in my basement is waiting on me to take me into the magic world of pain. This time I’ve come prepared. I learned my lessons last week and made the adjustments. It all payed off! Good job Sasha!

Post-Exercise Fueling

The race is over. You've given all you had. What's next? Recovery. Proper post-exercise nutrition as much important as the previous stages. Learn about how to maximize your recovery through the lenses of sports nutrition.

Fueling During

Energy expenditure is extremely high in endurance sports and a lot of athletes are failing to adequately fuel their bodies. Under-eating is commonly seen among endurance athletes. Hydration During Exercise Hydration is a complex topic and deserves a special attention. Hydration before, during and after exercise is discussed in the post that can be accessed … Continue reading Fueling During