Montreal ~Spartan Rat~ Spartan race is over and it’s time to sit back and relax. While still in Quebec, visiting Montreal is a must. Highlights of the trip: 1. Mont Royal 2. Old port of Montreal 3. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal 4. “Stereo” night club 5. Bota Bota Interestingly, when I asked locals to suggest places to … Continue reading Montreal ~Spartan Rat~

IRONMAN 70.3 | MARBELLA, Spain Pre-Story: Since the Paris marathon which I did on January 6th this year I decided to focus entirely on triathlons. Despite my coach’s concerns in regards to racing frequency, I set myself ambitious goal to do 5 IRONMAN Races this year. Four of them are 70.3 and one full distance, to close the season. … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | MARBELLA, Spain


I sit on steps of my house, tighten laces on my sneakers. A big trip is ahead of me and it begins right now. The phone buzzes in my pocket - a message from Airbnb. The owner is asking me where am I and how soon will I arrive to his place today. Wait, today?! … Continue reading Spain

BYB: Box your Bike (Step-by-Step Instructions)

If you’ve ever dreamed about touring through the mountains of France or spending a week biking the trails in Whistler, you probably thought about whether or not you can fly with a bike. The answer is yes! Use my step-by-step instructions on how to bullet proof your bike for traveling on a plane. 

Stress Less. Perform at Your Best and Enjoy the Trip while Racing Abroad

FLIGHT & ACCOMMODATION I suggest booking your flight and accommodation at least 2-3 months in advance. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who will need a place to stay, as close as possible to the venue. Time is money! The longer you wait to book your flight and hotel, the more … Continue reading Stress Less. Perform at Your Best and Enjoy the Trip while Racing Abroad

Road Trip to Pittsburgh, March ’19

Few years ago, my employment journey with Uber began from two month on-boarding & training at the Pittsburgh office. I haven’t had much time to spare outside of work, however I made an effort to explore the city and see new places. My initial thoughts and impressions of the city were not too bright. Ever … Continue reading Road Trip to Pittsburgh, March ’19

Toronto ZOO in Winter

Since the childhood I've always  loved going to the zoo with my parents. Luckily for me, I live 15 minuted drive from Toronto Zoo. I realize that it's a winter time here, therefore I won't get to see much, however I'll give it a shot and take the most of it. Not too many cars on … Continue reading Toronto ZOO in Winter