SPARTAN RACE: OTTAWA 13KM SUPER Had a great night's rest the night before. It was so nice to sleep in a tent , under the stars, on a fresh air. Woke up as always at 4:30 am, went on a 10k hike followed by a leisure swim in lake. Registered for the race and went back to the … Continue reading SPARTAN RACE: OTTAWA 13KM SUPER

Race Weight Cut

There are so many ways to loose weigh: fast & slow, simple and overly complicated, cool and “sexy” & long, boring... People find motivation from all sorts of things and reasons that are uniquely different for each individual. We are not going to explore the infinite world of weigh loss psychology, dietary restrictions or any … Continue reading Race Weight Cut

1hr 30 min @200 Watts 70.3 Continuous Effort

Spent 30-40 minutes on the beginning trying to fix some technical issues with the KICKR. Power and speeds were way off. Pre-meal: 300 Calories (74C/0F/6P) Sweet Potato: 70g Banana: 120g Basmati white rice: 100g Felt motivated going into the workout. Fueling: 700 Calories (116C/18F/31P) Cliff Energy Shot Cliff Bar "ONE" Protein bar (zero sugar) - … Continue reading 1hr 30 min @200 Watts 70.3 Continuous Effort

Nail the Basics

Your body’s engine is a hybrid, it can run off two different fuel sources: fat and carbohydrates. These fuels are stored in separate “gas tanks”: FAT STORAGE: Adipose tissue (100,000 calories)CARBOHYDRATE STORAGE: Muscles (500-2000 calories) + Liver (100-400 calories) + Blood Glucose (25-100 calories) First a little bit of background. In 1853 Claude Bernard discovered that … Continue reading Nail the Basics

MARBELLA 70.3 Key Sessions 2 hr 15 min Bike + 15 min Run. February 16, 2019 2 hr 45 min Bike + 15 min Run. February 23, 2019 ~Bonking~3 hr Bike + 15 min Run.March 2, 2019 ~Strong like a BULL~3 hr 30 min Bike + 20 min Run. March 9, 2019 ~God's Mode~4 Hour Bike + 15 … Continue reading MARBELLA 70.3

Bike 3 Hr 15 min. April 6, 2019. ~Bonked… Again~

Hydration Volume: (Average Sweat Rate 1400 mL x 3 hr ) = 4154 mLCarbs: 120 g (3% Solution) Fueling Formula: min 0.25 – max 0.33 grams carbs per hour x body weight (lbs)Ormin 1 calorie/hour x body weight (lbs) (0.25 x 150 lb) x 3 hr = 112 g of carbs Results Prior to the workout had digestive problems that woke me up at 3:30 … Continue reading Bike 3 Hr 15 min. April 6, 2019. ~Bonked… Again~

“Runner’s Trots” or Stop the Leak

You are a competitive athlete. You put a lot of hard work into your training days in, days out, completing every workout as prescribed. You are the workhorse, doing everything necessary to succeed in the sport you are in. You pay close attention to your nutrition and your kitchen has no place for Doritos and … Continue reading “Runner’s Trots” or Stop the Leak