Cozumel, Mexico

Groundhog Day “...he lives the same day again and again while retaining the memory of each iteration that he has lived before…” He feels like every other day is just like the previous one. Life loses its colors. His energy level go low. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. He falls asleep. He forgets what's … Continue reading Cozumel, Mexico

Wake up the Animal: Cycling VO2 Max Test

Winter is coming and all Canadian Bears submerge in their caves. Me too. Me and Blake decided to shuffle around several things in our lives and cut out unnecessary things. To spend the winter I found a dark, cozy cave for us - a pain cave. Unlike bears, I won’t have time to sleep this … Continue reading Wake up the Animal: Cycling VO2 Max Test

IRONMAN 70.3 | Lake Placid, NY | BIKE CRASH

Before the storm  Ironman 70.3 Lake Placid, New York is the only race that separates me from my “A” Race – Ironman Panama City, Florida. My goal for Lake Placid was to beat my 70.3 PR of 5:19:24 I set two months ago in Muskoka. In fact, I was more than confident that I can … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | Lake Placid, NY | BIKE CRASH


PRICE: $3,199.00 Aquila is Canadian brand, based in Oakville and Toronto at the bike shop called Racer Sportif. They offer carbon road, triathlon and track bikes. This carbon triathlon bike came with combination of Ultegra Di2 and Shimano 105 components. Aerobars, as well the handlebars underneath had electronic gear shifting, which moved the chain exactly … Continue reading AQUILA CRONO TRI BIKE | TEST RIDE & REVIEW

TIME TRIAL Bike. How Much? Shopping, testing and buying.

The past two years I've been training and racing on my 2003 Specialized Allez. I bought it for $300 from Craigslist, while in Phoenix. It got me through a lot. People laugh at me and keep on saying that I should throw it away and get a normal bike. I believe that the only thing that … Continue reading TIME TRIAL Bike. How Much? Shopping, testing and buying.

IRONMAN 70.3 | Muskoka

PRE-RACE Instead of staying at hotel or Airbnb, me and my brother Stepan, who is visiting me from Ukraine, decided we will more enjoy camping. The tent was set up at the Arrowhead Campground, which is about 15 minutes driving from the race venue. This is a huge campground and the campsites are not cheap. … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | Muskoka

IRONMAN 70.3 | Hawaii – “The Big Island” PRE-STORY Mental Masturbation Marbella race completely destroyed my expectations, flipped everything upside down. For about 3 weeks after the race I suffered from depressing thoughts and emotions. I got locked up in my head. I almost dropped out of sport of triathlon...  It was dark and I searched for help at different places. I … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | Hawaii – “The Big Island”