A Place of Power | Eco Forest Retreat on Muskoka River

How you been my friend? Haven’t heard from you for a while!
– Doing great, better than excellent? That’s Awesome! Glad to hear.
– What you been up to? Wow, you achieved so much. You accomplished a lot! Congratulations!

You try so hard to sound happy. Don’t, or you will start shooting rainbows out of your ass.
I don’t believe you. I know you too well to recognize the bullshit you try to feed me with.
I see a tired person in front of me. Dark circles around your eyes tell the truth. Shaky voice and hectic body language proves the opposite. You are tired, you are exhausted… You desperately need some rest.

You learned how to push yourself pretty hard. You are the overachiever – “A type”. You mastered the skill of setting a goal and going after it. You are self-motivated, disciplined and hardworking. That’s all great, but there is no balance to it.
All your achievements come with tax.
What is your tax?
Sleep deprivation?
Poor blood works?
Constant hunger and overeating?
Anxiety? Moodiness? Loneliness?
Muscle pain and constant soreness?
Or maybe even suicidal thought from time to time?
Tell the truth, let it out. What does it cost to live your lifestyle?

You need to rest.
You have to take a break.

Sit down and listen to a little story about magical place – a Place of Power.

There is a place in Canada that has tremendous healing power. It is located in Huntsville – a small town, about 2.5 hours driving north from Toronto. This place is unique with its nature and people.

Two young birds live side by side in Muskoka woods. Megan and Sequoia live off-the-grid in a tiny cabin, right by Muskoka River, on the edge with Heaven.

Ask Sequoia about his plants. Feel the passion person has to his green friends. Feel the bright energy he projects out of his blue eyes when holding his tiny cactus. Don’t interrupt and listen. He thinks of himself as introverted person, but I promise, you never met more extraverted introvert before. He keeps a baseball bat in the forest washroom in case of bears. He own his second world war survival kit in case of zombie apocalypse. He is thoughtful and takes a great care of his partner – Meagan.

Let Megan be your guide into the world of Yoga and meditation. Don’t try to understand or rationalize the things she tells you, but sit back and let her explode your mind. A wise and strong woman lives in tiny body of hers.

Both are rare and unique species among human beings. Open minded, kind and bright people. Vegetarian, they will teach you simple meal recipes that not only taste great, but make you seriously consider going plant based eating.

Wake up in the morning and instead of checking your phone, go check the river.
Celebrate new day by meeting sunrise at the beach.
Take off you clothes and jump into the river from the tree.

Breathe in!

So many things to do here
So much to explore



A State of the Art Running Track




This is the place where not only your mind finally gets rested, but also your body releases tension and stress that it held for so long. Your mind slow down, yous heart slows down:

Only one night of deep sleep in the tiny house will significantly drop your resting heart rate (RHR), and switch your body from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode.

Now you go explore!

Eco Forest Retreat on Muskoka River