Your body stores much more energy in form of fat than as carbohydrate. Some athletes strive to change their metabolism so that their bodies rely more on fat to fuel exercise which in turn allows them to spare the carbohydrate that's stored in muscle and liver and improve your endurance capacity. In theory, training when … Continue reading TRAINING LOW

“Runner’s Trots” or Stop the Leak

You are a competitive athlete. You put a lot of hard work into your training days in, days out, completing every workout as prescribed. You are the workhorse, doing everything necessary to succeed in the sport you are in. You pay close attention to your nutrition and your kitchen has no place for Doritos and … Continue reading “Runner’s Trots” or Stop the Leak

Fueling Before

For athletes, eating carbohydrates is like putting the octane in your body. Consuming carbs will increase your blood glucose levels and help to fill your tanks before training or racing.