Cozumel, Mexico

Groundhog Day “...he lives the same day again and again while retaining the memory of each iteration that he has lived before…” He feels like every other day is just like the previous one. Life loses its colors. His energy level go low. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. He falls asleep. He forgets what's … Continue reading Cozumel, Mexico

Christmas Mission: Cozumel, Mexico

Tulum or not Tulum?  I woke up this morning feeling absolutely horrible. Fewer, ear infection, sore throat and beautiful racoon circles under the eyes. To make me feel better - tree hours bike ride on the schedule for today. I never skip workouts. Mental masturbation lasted the entire morning. On the bike ride and even … Continue reading Christmas Mission: Cozumel, Mexico

Winter Escape from Canada

Mexico Cheapest Mexico destinations Puerto VallartaDecember 11 - 25 ✈️ $349 🏠 Airbnb: ~$30 /night Total: $770 Mexico CityDecember 12 - 17 ✈️ $532 🏠Airbnb: ~$30 /night Total: $682 CancunDecember 10 - 17 ✈️ $345 🏠Airbnb: ~$30 /night Total: $555 Ixtapa / ZihuatanejoDecember 13 - 20 ✈️ $551 🏠Airbnb: ~$40 /night Total: $831 HuatulcoDecember 14 … Continue reading Winter Escape from Canada

Госпитализация в США. Операция в Канаде. Процесс и стоимость.

Друзья, после падения с велосипеда на IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid, New York я получал вопросы по поводу процесса госпитализации, стоимости и реабилитации. Ниже я ответил на интересующие вопросы. Почитайте, сравните, задайте вопрос. После падения приехала скорая, тебя сразу в больницу забрали и там выполнили рентген и поставили диагноз?С момента падения, прихода в себя и прибытия … Continue reading Госпитализация в США. Операция в Канаде. Процесс и стоимость.

A Place of Power | Eco Forest Retreat on Muskoka River

- How you been my friend? Haven't heard from you for a while! - Doing great, better than excellent? That's Awesome! Glad to hear.- What you been up to? Wow, you achieved so much. You accomplished a lot! Congratulations! You try so hard to sound happy. Don't, or you will start shooting rainbows out of … Continue reading A Place of Power | Eco Forest Retreat on Muskoka River


You don't move to live in Hawaii for big houses, expensive cars or fancy clothes. You come to the Big Island for fresh water and clean air. You come here for life.

Montreal ~Spartan Rat~ Spartan race is over and it’s time to sit back and relax. While still in Quebec, visiting Montreal is a must. Highlights of the trip: 1. Mont Royal 2. Old port of Montreal 3. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal 4. “Stereo” night club 5. Bota Bota Interestingly, when I asked locals to suggest places to … Continue reading Montreal ~Spartan Rat~