90Min Bike, May 14, 2019. ~Heat Training. Failed~

IRONMAN Marbella 70.3 is over and Kona race is in 2 weeks. I took about 10 days of recovery and this is the first somewhat serious bike workout.

Since Hawaii race will be done in much warmer climate than I’m used to, I need to train for that. To do so, I implement the “heat training“. I am not using fan + wearing warm cycling pants, windbreaker, long-sleeved shirt underneath and a heat.

10′ easy spin

Complete 75′ ride holding 150-175
At the top of the 20th min put in 5×5′ bouts at 205-210W on 3′ soft pedal

5′ easy spin

No fueling.
Workout performed in PM. Properly hydrated and eaten.
Water only



Pre-weight: 70kg
Post-weight: 68kg
Liquids consumed: 1580mL
Sweat Rate: 2187 ml/hour

Total fluid loss:


I totally failed to complete this workout as prescribed. Again…
I am beyond being disappointed with my bike performance over the past 2.5 months. I’ve been steadily declining up to this point, where I can barely hold 140 Watts…
I try so hard, I put so much effort, but I keep on failing and failing. I am not enjoying the workouts. With so manny failures I am afraid of bike. I don’t even want to touch it. My confidence on the bike is below the ground. I absolutely HATED this workout.

What is wrong? I can’t find the answer.
What am I doing wrong? What is missing?
I need help, I can’t figure it out on my own.

Lessons Learned:

Didn’t learn anything…
Besides that next time use the “standart mode” instead of “erg” on the trainer.