90 Min Cadence ~7 All-time Bests. Hm… slowly getting back on track~

10′ easy spin

1hr’ ride holding 180-200 watts
At the top of the 20th min put in an 8′ effort as follows…
2′ at 210W at 90rpms
2′ at 210W at 100rpms
2′ at 210W at 110rpms
2′ at 210W at 90rpms

2′ soft pedal then go directly into the following bout

2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 100rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 110rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms

At the top of the 50th min put in the following…
2′ at 225 at 90rpms
2′ at 210 at 90rpms
2′ at 200 at 90rpms
2′ at 190 at 90rpms
2′ at 180 at 90rpms

5′ easy spin

Afraid that I’ll fail to complete the workout again. Afraid it will hurt a lot. Not looking forward to it.

Using Cooling Fan

Pre-meal (300 Calolies: 78C/0F/4P):
1 coffee
Banana 150g
Sweet Potato 150g
BCAA 2 scoops+ beta alanine+creatine

Fueling (380 Cal: 58C/11F/21P):
Cliff energy shot
Gatorade G2

Pre-weight: 66.8 kg
Post- weight: 66.4 kg
Consumed: 2240 mL (2.24kg)
Loss: 2.64 kg (4%)

200 W – somewhat ok to hold. Stay focused, you can do it.
210 W – didn’t feel the difference
250 W – RPE 8-9 was able to hold for 5 minutes, then switched from “erg” to “standard” mode. Can’t hold anymore.
200 W – RPE 8-9. HR is really high (163).
225-210-200 W – pulled as prescribed (RPE 9). Barely held cadence of 85-90. That’s all I’ve got…

55 minutes into the workout. 35 to go
Can’t hold 200 W
Completed remaining part of training to the best of my ability:
180 W – HR 156 (unusually high for this wattage) – Cad 80

Overall performed better than expected, however not as prescribed.