2 Hr Bike + 45 Min Run. April 13, 2019. ~Getting Outside. Hills & Wind~

This the first time this year I was riding outside. For the past 5 months I’ve been training in my basement on a trainer. I am so happy to finally get outdoors and test this machinery I’ve been working on so hard.


2 hours @ 210 Watts + 45 min Run off bike

brick workout is any workout that combines swimming, biking and/or running into a single session. The most common example is the bike to run brick, where you go for a run immediately after finishing a bike ride.

Pre-exercise meal (3-4 hours before)


The more time you have before workout, the larger meal can get. Also it shouldn’t be high glycemic because you don’t need the energy available any time soon. Instead give preference to “slow carb” with lo moderate-low GI. Also don’t forget to include protein.



min 0.25 – max 0.33 grams carbs per hour x body weight (lbs)
min 1 calorie/hour x body weight (lbs)

The main focus is to maintain adequate glycogen levels in muscles and liver to delay fatigue and prevent “bonking“. 

0.33 g/h x 150 lb x 2.75 (2hr 45min) = 136 grams of carbs required.

Two protein bars is all I was able to fit in myself.



The GOAL: 
prevent loosing more than 2%  (1.5 kg) of body weight in fluids. 

What do I need?
Sweat Rate: 1400 mL x 2.75 = 3850 mL
Sodium: 0.5 x 3850 = 1925 mg
Carbs: (X / 4125) x 100 = 5% -> X=0.05 x 4125= 206 g of carbs!?

What I got:

WATER + Beta Alanine & BCAA. All calories come from solid foods.

Total Calories: 1010 calories: 367 calories/hour
Riding outside. No power meter.


No weight/sweat data.

Pre-weight: kg
Post-weight: kg
Liquids consumed: 2000 mL
Sweat Rate: mL/hour

Total fluid loss:


Right the second I clipped into the pedals, I almost lost balance. Riding on a trainer doesn’t require you to keep balance and I got to re-learn how to. Took only about 10 minutes to adjust.
It was VERY windy. Strong side and front facing winds were blowing consistently throughout the ride. The wind was so strong, so I couldn’t let go one of my hands to reach back for a protein bar. Instead of 3 bars, as planned, had 1.5.
There we A LOT of hills. Literally no flat stretch on the road.
It was not quite the ride I was hoping to have, however I tried to stay positive and enjoy it as much as I could. It was certainly nice to get outside of my basement.
Wasn’t feeling strong. Two water bottles I had mounted on the bike weren’t enough, felt thirsty.

What’s good?

  • Did a lot of hill climbing. Ironman 70.3 Marbella has 1400 meters of climbing on the bike course. It will help to prepare for the race.
  • Used different muscles, keeping the balance and fighting the wind.
  • Tested my bike in action, making sure everything’s working properly.


First 10 minutes felt really weak in legs. I think I went too hard on a bike part.
Hills after hills after hills
Around minute 10, had to pause the workout to use the restroom. Not critical. I wen’t into the run with full stomach. I think reducing the fiber a day before will help.
Finished the run to the best of my abilities.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Reduce fiber intake 1-2 days before
  2. Two water bottles (1400 mL) on the bike last only for about 1 hour (30 km). During the race I will need to make 2 stops to refuel at aid stations (First at 33 km; Second at 58 km)
  3. Highway 1 that goes north has nothing besides hills… and more hills. Good to work on hill climbing; Not good for speed work. Maybe riding West to East or vise-versa will have less hills.

Time to treat myself…