1 Hr 30 min Bike + 30 min Run. April 11, 2019. ~Bonked~


Large breakfast:
Rice 300g
Beets 120g
Oatmeal 50g
Protein Shake (Muscle Milk)
135C/10F/44P = 800 calories

During (Fueling)

Gluten Free Bar (BFB)
Quest Bar
BCAA 2 scoops
54C/21F/28P = 470 calories


Pre: 69.6
Post bike: 68.8
Post run: 68.1
Liquids consumed: 1400 mL
Sweat Rate: 1450 mL/h

Weight Loss: 2.9 kg 4%


210 Watts were relatively easy to hold.
2 minutes at 310 Watts was the longest I could sustain. Everything after that was a suffer.

I am extremely disappointed and frustrated. For the past month I was constantly failing on my bike workouts. This failures pushed my confidence to the lowest point it ever been. I feel insecure and begin developing negative associations with cycling. Before I was excited to see a bike workout on my schedule, now I am not looking forward to it. I approach the bike with fear, fear of physical pain and mainly emotional pain caused by self judgment and mental fatigue.

The problem is that I underperform comparing to my month old results. It’s not a plato, it’s degradation. There is something wrong either with my Training Program or Recovery (Nutrition, Sleep, Health) or all together. I keep on hitting the wall over and over again. I slowly kill my passion for sport and self-confidence.
It can not continue like this.

What can I change? Where was the mistake made?
At this point I believe it’s fail to say that my preparation for IronMan 70.3 Marbella has failed. I reached a peak of performance 3-4 weeks ago and now it’s falling down a cliff.


Felt really good and strong! Truly enjoyed the run. Could’ve ran much faster.
No diarrhea!!!
I believe I found a reason:
Fructose before the workout.
Especially fruits high in vitamin C: bananas 🍌, grapefruits, pineapples 🍍, apples 🍏.