1:45 Hr Bike + 30 Min Run. April 20, 2019. ~Carb Loaded. Last Brick~

Past 4-5 weeks were hell. The taper began 5 days ago and my training volume has been decreased. Having failed so many times I am not looking forward to this workout. The race is in one weeks, but I am not excited, I am not confident. Not in a right place mentally or physically.
I made an effort to eat more carbohydrates than usual two days prior to this workout. Staffed myself with oatmeal and quinoa right before bed on Thursday night, continued eating quinoa and oatmeal the entire day on Friday. Little to no fat or protein, carbs only.

Lessons Learned Last Workout:

  1. Reduce fiber intake 1-2 days before
  2. Two water bottles (1400 mL) on the bike last only for about 1 hour (30 km). During the race I will need to make 2 stops to refuel at aid stations (First at 33 kmSecond at 58 km)
  3. Highway 1 that goes north has nothing besides hills… and more hills. Good to work on hill climbing; Not good for speed work. Maybe riding West to East or vise-versa will have less hills.


brick workout is any workout that combines swimming, biking and/or running into a single session. The most common example is the bike to run brick, where you go for a run immediately after finishing a bike ride.


min 0.25 – max 0.33 grams carbs per hour x body weight (lbs)
min 1 calorie/hour x body weight (lbs)

The main focus is to maintain adequate glycogen levels in muscles and liver to delay fatigue and prevent “bonking“. 


0.33 g/h x 150 lb x 2.25 (2hr 15min) = 111 grams of carbs required.


The GOAL: 
prevent loosing more than 2%  (1.5 kg) of body weight in fluids. 
What I got

What do I need?
Sweat Rate: 1400 mL x 2.25 = 3150 mL
Sodium: 0.5 x 3150 = 1575 mg
Carbs: (X / 4125) x 100 = 5% -> X=0.05 x 4125= 206 g of carbs!?


Pre-weight: 69.9 kg
Post-weight: 68.7 kg
Liquids consumed: 1950 mL (Left one bottle)
Weight lost: 3.150 kg
Sweat Rate: 1260 mL/hour

Total weigh loss:
3.150 kg (4%)

Not good
2% is maximum loss allowed


Felt Strong!
Holding 210 Watts felt easy. 300 Watts for a minute were easy as well.
Even knowing I was planning on fueling with protein bars, it felt too easy to inject extra carbs to fuel the workout. Therefore I did not eat anything and completed the ride purely on very little sugar from isotonic drinks.


Felt Strong!
Experiencing really bad digestive issues previously. I was going into the run worried they will come back. However I did not have diarrhea or even the slightest symptoms of it. Thats a Win!

Lessons Learned:

  1. I reduced fiber intake two days before workout (starting Thursday evening) this helped to prevent GI issues. Also, NO FRUCTOSE and supplements or foods containing high concentrations on VITAMIN C.
  2. “Carb Loading” worked. Making emphasis on eating more complex carbs such as quinoa, sweet potatoes and oats, two days before filled up my glycogen stores and made me feel strong. I even didn’t need to fuel during the ride. Also glycogen do not get filled up overnight. It took me about 36-48 hours to begin feeling better.