Key Sessions

  1. 2 hr 15 min Bike + 15 min Run. February 16, 2019 
  2. 2 hr 45 min Bike + 15 min Run. February 23, 2019 ~Bonking~
  3. 3 hr Bike + 15 min Run.March 2, 2019 ~Strong like a BULL~
  4. 3 hr 30 min Bike + 20 min Run. March 9, 2019 ~God’s Mode~
  5. 4 Hour Bike + 15 Min Run. March 16, 2019. ~Mind over Body~
  6. 2 hr 45 min Bike + 30 min Run. March 30. ~Bonking~
  7. 3 Hr 15 min Bike. April 6, 2019. ~Bonked… Again~

8. 1 Hr 30 min Bike + 30 min Run. April 11, 2019. ~Bonked~

It can not continue like this
What can I change? Where was the mistake made? At this point I believe it’s fair to say that

my preparation for IronMan 70.3 Marbella has failed

For the past month I was constantly failing on my bike workouts. Such failures pushed my confidence to the lowest point it ever been. I feel insecure and begin developing negative associations with cycling. Before I was excited to see a bike workout on my schedule, now I am not looking forward to it. I approach the bike with fear of physical and emotional pain caused by self judgment and mental fatigue. It’s not a plato, it’s degradation.
There is something very wrong either with my Training Program or Recovery (Nutrition, Sleep, Health) or all together. I keep on hitting the wall over and over again. I slowly kill my passion for sport and self-confidence.
I reached a peak of performance 3-4 weeks ago and now it’s falling down a cliff.

9. 2 Hr Bike + 45 Min Run. April 13, 2019. ~Getting Outside. Hills & Wind~

Why do I train so much?
Where is the FUN?
How are you feeling, how are you performing? Does the training data reflect that? Is there is a correlation between objective and subjective measures?

My hobby has become my second job. Every workout had to be perfectly executed. Pass or Fail. I approached every big workout was with anxiety and worries. Pass or fail, win or loose.

Analysis paralysis“. I got drawn into obsessing over daily workout metrics. Never look at individual session to measure the level of your improvement. Stop seeking for validation of performance improvement from each daily session. Great performances does not require perfect training! No one has perfect training!

Taper: 12 days
April 14 – 26

10. 1:45 Hr Bike + 30 Min Run. April 20, 2019. ~Carb Loaded. Last Brick~