1hr 30 min @200 Watts 70.3 Continuous Effort

Spent 30-40 minutes on the beginning trying to fix some technical issues with the KICKR. Power and speeds were way off.

Pre-meal: 300 Calories (74C/0F/6P)
Sweet Potato: 70g
Banana: 120g
Basmati white rice: 100g

Felt motivated going into the workout.

Fueling: 700 Calories (116C/18F/31P)
Cliff Energy Shot
Cliff Bar
“ONE” Protein bar (zero sugar) – don’t like it.
Medium Banana

Workout was hard.
Barely held 200W.
1 hr into the ride had to lower power down to 180W as I found it really hard to continue holding same output. Really challenging workout. Glad to be doneā€¦ sore and exhausted.