I sit on steps of my house, tighten laces on my sneakers. A big trip is ahead of me and it begins right now. The phone buzzes in my pocket - a message from Airbnb. The owner is asking me where am I and how soon will I arrive to his place today. Wait, today?! … Continue reading Spain

Eurotour 2019

The New 2019 Years chapter has started. Happily I grab a pen and title the first page with “Marathon de Paris”. I’ve planned a family trip, where me, my brother and mom will travel to Paris by car, driving through Poland 🇵🇱 Germany 🇩🇪Belgium 🇧🇪and France 🇫🇷. We will be making stops along the way … Continue reading Eurotour 2019

5 Years Away from Home 🇺🇦

Before the Storm This trip back home is a complete social, emotional and physical detox. This is a reset of me. It’s stress-test of all the labels I’ve put on myself, of what I made myself to believe I am, of what I made myself to think is important to me. This is the time to … Continue reading 5 Years Away from Home 🇺🇦