Bike 3 Hr 15 min. April 6, 2019. ~Bonked… Again~


Volume: (Average Sweat Rate 1400 mL x 3 hr ) = 4154 mL
Carbs: 120 g (3% Solution)


min 0.25 – max 0.33 grams carbs per hour x body weight (lbs)
min 1 calorie/hour x body weight (lbs)

(0.25 x 150 lb) x 3 hr = 112 g of carbs


Prior to the workout had digestive problems that woke me up at 3:30 am. Had 200g of bananas + cup of coffee and straight on the bike.
First hour and 10 minute interval felt alright. It was challenging, but nothing crazy.

Began second interval at 1 hr 37 minutes. Wasn’t feeling strong.
2 mites later felt that strength is leaving me. I can’t freaking believe it… I am BONKING AGAIN! I can’t believe I am doing the same mistake I did last week. I won’t let it happen, I’ll push through! – I told myself.
My body was not listening anymore.
I reduced the resistance and pushed as long as I could. Nervous system shut down setting me into really dark place. I stopped for 10-15 seconds…
At the end of this 10 min interval my body completely shut down and I stopped sweating (1:46). The skin got dry in instant.

It doesn’t look pretty. This is what it feels like to go into serious training unprepared, under-fueled and sleep deprived. I didn’t learn from my previous mistake and I continue paying the price for it.
Do you want to feel and perform like this next time again?

Completed remaining of the ride to the best of my abilities. Had about 700-800 ml of hydration solution and Quest protein Bar.
Began sweating again only about 1 hour later at 2:35. Too late buddy.

Average Power 219 Watts
Average Speed 43.7 kph
Distance 142 Km
Energy Expanded 2.560 Calories

Total Failure

Pre-weight: 69.2 kg
Post-weight: 69.3 kg
Liquids consumed: 4,154 mL

Body weight loss: 4 kg (6%)

Felling totally down. Disappointed, upset… Total failure.

What did I learn?

  • Eat sufficient amount of carbohydrate rich foods a day-two before the ride.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours prior to the ride.