Two Wings. Don’t walk, Fly into 2020.

Gringo, where are you going? Where do you see yourself at the end of next year? How do you want to feel? Whom do you want to be? What do you dream about?
Gringo, if you don’t know the answers, close your ears because I am about to start telling you things you don’t want to hear. Things that are not fun, not pretty.

You are completely responsible for everything that’s happening with you in your life.
You are totally responsible for where you are: physically, mentally, financially, spiritually…
You are the only reason of your unhappiness or happiness.

You, you, you – that’s all on YOU!
I am pointing right at you!

You seem to forgot, but I will remind you that your human potential is limitless. You can be anything and anyone. You can be great or you can miserable. You can choose to live or die. You can say enough! and change anything within a matter of seconds. Or you can say that’s not for me and leave everything the way it is. Either way – you are the ultimate decision maker. No matter what you choose to do you are right! But you are right ONLY IF DECISION was truly YOURS. Breathe in with the full lungs. Suck in the energy and fill every cell of your body with it. Lift up you head and open up your wings. Relax your feet – you won’t need them. Deep breathe in – lift up your wings. Powerful breath out – grab and push the air down with your massive wings. WE FLY! Keep breathing: in & out… deep. No matter what you do – DO NOT LOOK DOWN! If you do – you fall. Get higher buddy, feel the power within. Fuck everything: people’s opinions; expectations; limiting beliefs; toxic relationships; office cubicles and hated jobs; traffic; lines of people; grocery stores… Everything is left behind, it’s on the ground. You are in the sky. It’s warm and quiet. Complete silence and peace. You hear only the whisper of the air, flowing through your wings. It’s hypnotizing, it’s meditative. You can not help it but smile. Nothing can wipe the smile off your face.

Two wings – Mind and Soul. Two wings that can lift you off the ground. Two wings that if filled with good health and clear mind, will take you up in the sky of consciousness.
You can not fly with just one wing, so your mind and soul need to work in synchrony. Don’t be too materialistic and focus only on material sides of your life. You need money, you need clothes, you need shelter, but that’s not all you need. You already know that none of material things will ever make you happy. Don’t be too spiritual and totally reject the material world. Don’t dive too deep into yourself without securing the safety rope in material world. Do not become a monk and spend all your life within yourself. Don’t close yourself from people, experiences and relationships – they enrich you.

You need two wings to fly. The stronger they are, the further and higher you fly. Pigeons don’t fly high, they are more comfortable closer to the ground. They don’t need much, just to stay warm and fed. They stick to the people, they are dependant on others.
You are a different type of bird, you fly high. There are different rules in your world. At the heights you fly there are not too many others. You depend only on yourself and you are totally responsible for your life or death. At the altitudes you fly, inaction is death. Hesitation is death. If you stop moving your wings – you fall. If you stop growing – you die.

You don’t fly without the purpose. Your life is short, therefore your time is precious. You’ve been made to make an impact. You’ve been made to break the limits. Something inside of you knows – you have a purpose. You don’t pray to God in tears, waiting for the answer. You don’t ask: “God, what is my purpose in life?”, hoping that someone or something will tell you what to do with your life. You are the one who tells the life: “My purpose in life is …”. Don’t ask, but instead tell the life why you are here. Change the question to a firm statement. Don’t wait – act


Only by being the best yourself you can make a change. Only by finding happiness yourself – you can share it with others. Only by being strong mentally, you can help others in times of crisis. Only by being strong you can protect the weak. Only by being the best version of yourself, you can help others to grow and improve. You can not give what you don’t have, so act. Growth is your mandate.

To grow, to fly, to live or die.
To smile, to cry, to shine or fade.
To love, to care, to hear and empathize.

Growth is Your Mandate

To grow, to fly – your goals need to be in synchrony with genuine yourself. When setting the goals, your mind and body have to agree on what you are setting yourself to do. Two wings need to be aligned and work in tact

Looking back on the previous year, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What achievements in the past year that made you the happiest or improved your life or the life of others?
  2. Who were the people that made you happy? Who are the people you are grateful for the most?
  3. What are the things that happened to you this year that you are grateful for the most?
  4. Which things/areas of your life are still important to you? 
  5. Which pursuits are not relevant anymore and you would like to drop?
  6. What habits would you like to stop? Developing OR maintaining what habits will improve the quality of your life?
  7. What were the places you felt the happiest at?
  8. Doing which activities brought the most joy and happiness, in short or long-term?

Exercise Daily
Eat Clean
Rest Enough

  • What does the healthy body mean to you?
  • What kind of body do you want to have? Why?
  • How does it look? Are you willing to sacrifice your health over the looks?
  • What will it give you? What will it allow you to do that you can’t already do?
  • What kind of body do you want to see in the mirror to be completely satisfied with?
  • Is your ideal body image shaped by you or somebody else?
  • What do you need to have, do or know to get the body you desire?
  • Is there is anything or anyone who can help you to improve in this area of life?

Stay Curious
Ask Questions
Learn New Skills
Stop Negative Self-talks
Test stereotypes

  • Why do you want to develop your mind?
  • How can you grow it?
  • Is there is anything or anyone who can help you to improve in this area of life?

Accept and love Yourself
Live with Purpose
Care for Others
Help Selflessly
Give Back
Meditate Daily
Practice Breathing Techniques
Frequently Get Outside in Nature
Ground Yourself

  • What does being a spiritual person mean to you?
  • Why do you want to be spiritual?
  • Will it change your life? How?
  • How do you want to grow spiritually?
  • What do you want to accomplish in this area of your life?
  • Is there is anything or anyone who can help you to improve in this area of life?

Send Yourself to the Army
for a YEAR

Answering the questions above is very energy demanding process. The more honest you with yourself – the harder it gets. Do it in quiet place, completely relaxed and well rested. Everyone are different, however I recommend to do the work on your goal setting in the morning or when you feel particularly inspired and motivated. Keep your mind clear and your spirit free. It takes time, so don’t rush. Don’t plan to finish it in a few hours or one day. Don’t set yourself deadlines. It can take weeks and a lot of thinking with writing. Don’t think that once you finished – it’s done. No, this document – your goals for the next year is a constant work in progress. However once you finished with this first, initial part, you will feel relieved. You will have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and where you going.

With all the goals listed – COMMIT. Commit to do your best at achieving each goal. Send yourself to the army for one year. Make the next year – a year of service to yourself and others. Commit to spend the next year improving yourself so you can help others. Believe in yourself and stop wishing. Some people wish things to happen, some people want them to happen. Be the person that MAKE things happen. You are the only one who’ve got the power to turn what’s on your paper to reality.

Now Gringo, open up your wings and fly!