Toronto ZOO in Winter

Since the childhood I’ve always  loved going to the zoo with my parents. Luckily for me, I live 15 minuted drive from Toronto Zoo.

I realize that it’s a winter time here, therefore I won’t get to see much, however I’ll give it a shot and take the most of it.

Not too many cars on the parking lot – a good sign. Admission is $23 plus add $12 for parking. Attending the zoo will cost you $35, unless you carpool, which will shave off $12 off the price, so you can get yourself a fridge magnet at the souvenir store.

They give you the map and a parking pass which you will use to exit the park later on, so you better not loose it.

Zoo is opened from 9:30a.m. to 4:30p.m, which gives a plenty of time to explore and say hello to each and every animal.

Indo Malaya Pavilion

The journey begins from the rainforest:

Green house hosts a lot of fish and monkeys. Since childhood I developed association of a bad smell with the monkeys. It’s really clean and doesn’t smell inside the 52 years old orangutan’s home named Puppe.

Also despite the negative temperatures outside it’s really warm inside, so people take their jackets off.

Walking around the pavilion you get to see sumatran tiger through the giant window. The guy peacefully rests in his cave, facing the wall.


So cool! Two young giraffes live in this little house together. There is staff that offers you to feed those guys off your hand for a few bucks.

Three huge stones in the shape of turtles are resting on the ground. Stranded there for a few minutes, didn’t move. Let’s keep on walking.

Two gorillas exposed to the guests. The size of their hands is impressive. So much muscles. No questions, I would shit my pants if one of this guys get mad at me in the wilderness.

I spent a good 10-20 minutes just sitting and watching them. What’s in the their heads? What are they thinking about? Are the capable of dreaming?

The Lake Malawi is hypnotizing. What’s interesting is that all the fish is spaced equally through the aquarium. This guys truly know how to keep the private space.

Penguins are funny. They walk like me, after today’s 3 hours bike session. Large dog crates used as their homes. Most of them host 2-4 penguins which makes me wonder, how do they choose whom to live with?

Large wide opened bison area remains empty. Ducks are the only animals that create some motion in the area.

This is the trail takes you around the zoo. Must be really pretty here in the spring-summer.

They call this two wigwam Teepees. Get inside, feel grateful for your comfy house.

Nine wolves are resting on the snow. Ears are up. We watch them, they watch us.

Two polar bears putting some steps in, walking around the small area. They seemed desperate… felt sad watching them locked up in such small area.

Overall I am glad I went, even knowing I haven’t seen much. The life here definitely slows down during winter, however there are still things to do. I spent here about 3 hours, walking around on the fresh air putting some steps in.

Back to my cave.