Had a great night’s rest the night before. It was so nice to sleep in a tent , under the stars, on a fresh air.
Woke up as always at 4:30 am, went on a 10k hike followed by a leisure swim in lake.
Registered for the race and went back to the car to take a nap. My brother Stepan asked me: Are you nervous? Are you worried? I was neither nervous or worried, I was really calm and felt asleep like a baby.

Going into the race I had no agenda, no goals to achieve, nothing to prove.

I drove 5 hours here to enjoy the race. I spent my money and time to have fun, to have an experience. This is all I was after.

Indeed I did enjoy the race! It was not an easy one and my heart was flying out of my chest on that hilly course. I pushed hard, as I always do. I remained cheerful and joyful throughout the entire 16 km run. I helped 3 people to climb over the 8ft wall and I didn’t forget to cheer up the folks I met along the way.

I finished with a great smile on my face. It was not a “fake” smile, but a genuine one. I enjoyed the race, I enjoyed my body. As a bonus, I got notified that I also finished first in my age group and 7th overall. Wow! I definitely did not expect that and thought there was a mistake. But no mistake was found and I remained on the first place.

I am so grateful for this win and my body that made it possible. I am grateful for the experience and a great amount of joy I got out this race. I am grateful for my brother Stepan and Blake who were at the finish line, cheering up for me.

Anyone can cry when it hurts.
Anyone can quit when it gets hard either physical or emotional
Anyone can complain and blame others when shit hits the fan and things fall apart.
That’s all easy, anyone can do it.

Listen, you are more than that. I believe you are way better.
You are the HUMAN – the ultimate bio machine that was ever created.
You are in control of your mind! You are in charge of your life!
You are designed for BATTLE, you was created to EXPLORE! YOU ARE THE WARRIOR!

Are you hurting? Great! It means you are still alive. Endure the pain. Dead don’t hurt. 
Don’t ever think about quitting Boy! Did you hear? Don’t even let the thought of quitting visit your mind. Keep pushing!!!
Take full responsibility for your life and be the owner, not just a participant. 
Enjoy! Enjoy the day, enjoy the people around, enjoy the pain, be cheerful and stay positive. 

8ft wall is not that tall if you approach it with a smile. 
40 lbs sandbag is not that heavy if you carry it with a positive attitude. 
Trust me, I know.

Change your default settings and shred in pieces your limiting beliefs. 

….or not…..
you decide