I met hundreds of people

Ever since I left my full-time job at UBER I met hundreds of people. Over the past ten months, I’ve had more human interaction than I did over the past few years. And I am not excruciating. Why so?

My ideas are what had opened up the doors for me. My ideas had changed my lifestyle. Every business I attempted had introduced me to a new set of people. Those new people had introduced me to their friends. Those friends thought I had to meet their other friends and so on… My ideas are what was at the beginning of every new connection.

Ever since I went on my own, one of the biggest discoveries I made was a discovery of other people. I opened up. Not that I was all inside myself, but now I am so much more approachable and friendly. I learned to ask for help. I would share my vision and tell others about my plans. People would often get excited and spread the word to other folks they know. Along the way, I would encounter different challenges and meet different people, each of whom will play a specific role on my journey. Everyone brings a message. Pay attention. Some will stick with me for a while. Others will get dropped in a few days. Nevertheless, every person I met had brought me a message or a lesson.

While working at the corporation, I was always surrounded by the same people. Despite the large size of the company, 90% of the time I was surrounded by the same faces. Now and then, I would make new connections, however most of the time those people already heard about me.

My reputation went ahead of me, I suppose. The point I try to make here is that the World of entrepreneurship is so much bigger in regards to the people you meet and interact with. At this point, I am worried that if I have to go working for an employer, I will feel trapped. I run too fast. The corporate job will hold me back.

It is impossible to become an accomplished entrepreneur without good people’s skills. It is impossible to build something great if you come with a mentality that everyone is here to hurt you or steal from you. You will have a very hard time as a businessman if you are not genuinely interested in other people. An employee? Maybe. But not an entrepreneur. You can be sitting in your side of the office, rarely talking to others, be socially awkward – and that’s fine, as long as you do your job well. However, if you try to build some kind of a business – social skills are a must! Therefore I strongly believe that people’s skill is one of the most important ones to cultivate. The way you talk, handle yourself and interact with others, is a determinant success factor of your project and you as an entrepreneur.

You can not build anything great if you hate other people. They will feel it. People feel the energy. People naturally being attracted to those who radiate love and energy. If you are coming from a bad place and with dark intentions, people will feel it. So, before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey – check yourself. How easy for you to get connected with others? How easy for you to communicate your thoughts and ideas? How easy for you to make friends and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships? This is very important.