Don’t be Jelly

You see someone driving a very expensive car or spending the vacation at ultra exotic destination. It might seem as they have it all, with minimum effort. It’s unfair! No matter your admit it or not, the feeling of being envious would be a normal human reaction. I want what he has. That’s OK to feel this way, but realize this….

Things always change. It cannot be rosy and shiny all the time as well as it cannot suck forever. Those people who’ve got something you want or admire, they didn’t have it all the time. The brighter they shine, the bigger the price they paid. Everybody pays the price for his or her successes. Let me repeat: every one whom you see as a successful men or women, had paid or will pay the price for their success. The universe cannot keep giving, and giving, and giving. At some point it will send you the invoice. The universe will equalize everything and everyone.

So the next time you see somebody having what you desire, don’t be envy. You don’t know how much it cost them. The bigger the success, the bigger the sacrifice. Don’t be envious, but rather be happy for that person. If you can, help him celebrate. Instead of being envious, be truly happy that things worked out for that person. You don’t know how hard the guy had worked for it. You don’t know how many times he had to step over himself. Sometimes people go through horrible things  – that’s their price for the “overnight success” that you see. There is a non-monetary cost associated with every Lamborghini you see on the street.

Let the person enjoy the success. He might be living the best time of his life right now. Be empathetic and remember that everything comes at the cost. The universe will equalize everyone. 

As for me, I would rather pay it forward. I would rather put my energy and work first, and enjoy the harvest of my work later. I prefer to workout first, and eat after.

Happiness is quiet and it doesn’t need a showcase. When you are truly happy, you want to be as quiet as possible. If I ever disappear and you never hear from me, don’t worry. I have found the source of pure happiness and I kept it all to myself. I became a whole. I am at peace and I am still. I ran away from everyone just to fully enjoy this precious gift of life. I don’t want to speak about it. I don’t want to tell everyone how great I feel. You guys deal with your bullshit on your own. I am happy in my corner. What a scumbag!!! Haha. Yes yes, bye bye…