What’s my Job Again?

My role in my business is shifting. Or to be correct – “our business”. In five days it will be five months, since I’ve been working on Deep Work Studios. I developed something that was just an idea into a well communicated concept with architectural drawings, virtual model, renders and countless published articles. Also, I acquired something very valuable – the Deep Work Team. I used to be solo, not anymore. If there was a task to do, it was a no brainer – I was the one to do it. No one to count on.

No more am I alone. I have a team of people working on making the Deep Work Studios a reality. Very intelligent and experienced folks, who dedicate their time and energy to the project. I communicated with them my vision, showed what I’ve done and they got inspired. They believe in what I’ve started and wanted to become a part of it. I am not alone.

During the meetings, all eyes are on me: What’s next Oleksandr? What’s the plan? I need to have a plan. I need to show my people where we are right now, where we going and most importantly WHY. Not just a blah-blah, but a solid direction with milestones to accomplish. They need to believe in what they do. This is a new hat to wear… My people believe in me and the business. They see the potential and I feel obligated to make my vision a reality – to prove myself. I got the opportunity to prove myself in action.

Having a team allows me to leverage certain tasks. Now, on top of the plan and milestones, I need to figure out what needs to be done and who is going to do it. I am responsible for setting clear goals. I need to assign the job, based on skills and strengths. It’s not enough to say: You – do it! The person has to be capable of delivering the result. I have to find the right words to motivate and explain why it is important. I still do a lot of things myself, but I feel that it’s time to change my mindset. I am stuck in the “operator” mentality, where I do everything myself. Wrong. You can’t build anything great on your own.

We need to track the progress. I need to create the project management system for our team. This is new… Working on my own, I didn’t have to worry about that. Sticky notes and To-Do lists would do just fine. Not anymore.

Having three people is not enough. We need a construction partner. Safety and security specialists. Marketing people. Layers and consultants… I am now responsible for bringing people in. My job is to fill the skill gaps on our racing rowing boat with capable people. I have to assemble the team. I need to scout for the right folks and recruit them by communicating our vision – to inspire. A lot harder to do, when you don’t have a salary to pay. That’s new.

I need to open new doors for my people. Finding stakeholders. Strategic partnerships. Relationship formations… Our company needs alliances, otherwise we won’t move far. Alliances are a key part of what a leader does. Alliances provide a network of trusted sources. We can not work in vacuum. Who is responsible for that? That’s on me. I have to go up there and knock on doors. Once I open a new door, my people can go in.

My job is to keep everyone on the same page. Stay clear on the vision. Whenever someone feels discouraged – find the right words to bring the person back up. When a lady on my team confessed that she’s feeling overwhelmed, I truly felt for her. I thought that sauna gift card would help her relax. It helps me… I’ve been burned out many, many times. I’ve been depressed and mentally destroyed many, many times. My job as a leader is to care for my folks. They are my most valuable asset.

My job is to create the environment, where my people can shine. I genuinely want them to be recognized as people behind a great business – an internationally known venture. I want them to come to me at some point and say that meeting me and joining the company was the best thing that ever happened to them. I want to take my team on an amazing business adventure.

They believe in me. I will prove myself.