What does it mean to be a man?

To be a man of honour.
To be a man of code.
To be a man.

What is masculine? 
What is feminine?

I don’t believe in a 50/50 split in a relationship. Gender equality is a myth. Yes, women can do many difficult things. My mother shoots an AK-47 and jumps off the helicopter. There are police officers and firemen who are women. There are military women. I have no doubts that women can do anything that they put their minds to. What I am saying is that men and women are different. What I am saying is that we can not equalize the opposites. 

There is a reason why I was born with balls.

There are many children in adult meat suits. There are many “neutral” men who prefer to play it safe. Emotional impotent who voluntarily castrated themselves just to be accepted and liked by women in particular. Emotional impotent who shy away from responsibilities. There is a lot of fake masculinity. Stupid baboons playing a man out of the fear to be exposed. Perhaps under the macho mask, there is an emotionally underdeveloped child. A kid, whose ego is so fragile and precious that he puts up a scary fence, so no one attempts to approach him. There is a coward who is afraid of pain. Disgusting.

My life’s mission is to figure out the meaning of a man and live it.
What does it mean to be a man?