You can’t understand what you are without first understanding what you are not. You determine who you are through what you are not. Setbacks and conflicts are given to us as a guidance tool to help us to get to whom we really are.

I don’t want to be a lonely man, who has everything but the human connection.

In American culture, for many people job is everything. It’s their live. Friday evening – they sit in the office. No matter at what time I come to the office, there always will be someone. No plans, no friends, no life outside of the office. Work, work, work… Got to make the last phone call. Send one more email. 

Whenever I ask “How’re you doing?” – “Busy!”. Being busy is a badge of honour. Everybody is busy. Twelve-hour workdays are cool. Hard work. Day in, day out.

It is all great. I respect hard work. I admire those who pursue their dreams. I also see many lonely people. They are so busy, that there is no time left for friends. No time to go on a date. No time to sit down to eat. It’s a RACE! 

I see myself in all those people and it irritates me.
I just like them and I don’t want to be that.