Waiting to feel better is not going to work

Waiting to feel better is not going to work. You have to act. It’s not the time to rest! sitting on your couch, with your phone will only make things worse. It will become your lifestyle. It will not make you feel better — I will feel deeply, unsettlingly worse.

A year into the pandemic, we are in a broad mental and physical public health crisis. Many of us feel ashamed to talk about it. So we’re navigating these experiences on our own. And it isn’t going well. Quarantine has been terrible for our health. Symptoms of depression among Americans tripled last year.

Mood follows action

There are two kinds of fatigue. One is when your mind and body are truly tired. The other is when that system tricks you into feeling tired because you are in a rut. When you’re tired, you need rest. But if you’re in a rut, you need to push yourself into action.

You don’t need to feel good to get going!

You need to get going to give yourself a chance to feel good. Waiting to feel better won’t work. You have to act. No Netflix binge or meditation will make you feel better, not after a year. You will only get more unhealthy, more miserable, more inert. You need to do something else.

Maybe one way to deal with pandemic burnout isn’t going easier anymore — it’s trying something hard