These thought been bothering me for several days, maybe a weeks. They would sit on a back of my mind, like a buzzing noise. I need to let them out – write them down. This is nothing new and most of the people know it as simple truths. I write for myself – to structure my thinking and put it all in order.

Everything is a cycle

Everything in life comes and goes in cycles. Ups, then downs. Whenever I feel strong, I know that I will have to pay for it. Whenever I work very hard and stay up till midnight, I know I will pay for it. Whenever I am overly happy, I know I will be overly sad. It also goes the other way around. It can not suck forever, otherwise it would be against the law of life. There are bigger and smaller cycles. Some happen only once in a lifetime. Other happen daily – take night & day for instance. There are countless examples, in relationships, job, sport et. etc… The point here is that everything always changes. Everything goes from one end to another.

My question is: at what point do you switch directions? At what point do you stop going down and begin moving upward? Once you reach the bottom, I think. Where is the bottom? For every person it’s different. For some people it could be laying unconscious drunk in the ditch. For others – being laid off. Break ups… dying of a loved one. How to determine your bottom? To be able to access your life and say – I am at my lowest point in life. Or say, it sucks, but I did not reach the bottom. Can you speed up your way to the bottom? Certainly. But will it mean faster “recovery”. If I consciously worsen my situation and sprint to the bottom, will it help me rise back up sooner? Not sure. Can you control the cycle in this way? I don’t think so. What if the length of the cycle is determined by time, not the fact of you hitting the bottom? In this case, the smart move would be to wait out the “bad times” with minimal loses, the least suffering. We can not speed up or slow down the sunset. All we can do is to observe. The same might be true for our lives. Whenever everything sucks, we can not break the cycle, but only observe. Observe with faith – unbroken belief that this will pass. You shouldn’t try to believe it – you need to know it! You need to know it “in your bones”. If you do, all the anxiety and fear goes away. Things will change. Retreat to your faith when everything is dark. Remember things will change. They will! I promise… but don’t believe me, see it for yourself.


I began this chapter with using examples of different cycles. Everything is a cycle and the Universe will equalize everything. If you steal, don’t be afraid of cops – be afraid of the Universe. If you took away something from someone without giving anything in return – you put yourself in debt. The Universe will make you pay back in the most perplexed ways. A week later you might lose your car keys. That will cost you several hundred bucks – exactly the price of the item you stole. Or let’s say you didn’t pay the salary to your employee – don’t be surprised to be audited by the end of the year. Then people raise their hands up in the air and say: “God, why is this happening to me?”. Look back in the past, and sure you will find the answer. Everything happens for a reason. Everything! There are no coincidences.


The more you take – the more you should give. You might resist, but he Universe will take it anyways. The only difference, is that if you give it voluntary, you get to choose what to give. If you don’t, the Universe will take whatever it decides to take. Interesting, isn’t it? My question is this: What if I give first? Will the Universe work the other way around, meaning that it will give me back? If so, can I specify what exactly do I want to get, or it’s not up to me to decide? Will it give back the same type of thing that I gave at the first place? Perhaps… If this is true, and not the horse shit (haha), then if I want more love – I need to give more love. If I want more money – I need to give more money. Just give away, or only to those in need? I might be overthinking… If I want more knowledge – I need to give knowledge. Teaching? Well, it’s true that the best learning is teaching.

The idea here is that if you take something, you create a gap. If you don’t fulfill the gap by giving anything in return – the Universe will take it off from you no matter what. Everything in nature strives for equilibrium, that’s why you can not always be taking without giving. If this law is true, then we can propose that giving away first – will result in getting back later on. No matter what, if you give and give and give – the Universe will no other options, but to equalize the things by giving you back in return. How fast? I don’t know. How much? Will the return be smaller, greater or of the same value as your “investment”? I don’t know. What I know for a fact is that you will get something in return.


This is the extension of the previous law. You push it on one side – it comes out on the other side. The more you get – the more you give. The basis of this law is equilibrium. Some things can be equalized by “paying back”, but other ones can be counteracted by the force. “Forceful counteraction” is the phrase that came to mind. What does it look like?

The more you restrict something – the stronger the rebounce will be. The more you restrict yourself on the diet – the harder you will overeat when you give up. The stronger you love someone – the stronger your apathy or hate can get once the love is gone. This is why we see so many divorced couples ready to slice each other’s throats when the feelings are gone. From love to hate…

Here is another example: The more you try to make others like you – the less they do. The more you want to be seen – the more “invisible” you become. The more you want to be loved – the less you are. The more you try to make others happy – the less they are. If you want something, you need to give it away.

What I try to say here that the Universe’s main job is to bring everything in equilibrium. By wanting something – you create the potential. The more you want – the higher the potential. In order to equalize this energy, the Universe will have to either give it to you or do something so that you run away from it.


Speaking of potentials. You can consciously create a large potential by putting your energies into something. Daily, you would put your thoughts and work into something without getting any returns. Keep investing! Keep planting your energy. The more you put in – the greater the harvest will be. Don’t believe it – know it! There are processes that run on the background of the life 24/7. Things always change. If you don’t see the returns on your work, it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. The Universe has no chance, but to equalize the energy, but giving you something in return. Keep putting the work in, don’t stop, don’t cash out. It is against the law to keep taking in without giving back. It’s against the law to be getting without giving. Every millionaire pays the price of his wealth. Every Olympic champion paid his price. There is a cost to everything.

Keep planing. Keep putting the work in, until the dam gives a crack the returns flow back to you in the amounts that you could not have imagined.


If you want to change the reality – you need the energy in your body. When you’re weak – you’re useless. Accumulate the energy in your body, then use your mind to direct it into manifesting your desired reality. Do the things that give you energy. Eliminate the things that seem to suck the energy out. If you can’t – change your perspective. You are the hunter and your game is energy. Once accumulated amount – invest into your work. Invest in other people. Invest in your dreams and thoughts. Plant the seeds and know that their will raise. Everything works in cycles. The Universe will bring everything in equilibrium. Don’t believe – know it in your bones.

Information is useless unless it’s ACTIONABLE

With all that being said, what’s the use of it? How can I apply it in my life? How can I test those theories? What experiments can I run to prove myself right or wrong?

In my business – I am the farmer. If I want my business to succeed I need to keep planting. I need to keep investing my energy into it, with the knowledge that something will come out on the other end. It must, otherwise it’s against the law. Being a type-A, my question is: Can I speed up the process? Yes – increase your output, by helping others. Give, give, give for free. Help for free. Lift people up. If you see someone in need – donate your time or money, regardless of little you have. Be the farmer, who plants his energy.

be the farmer. plant the energy.

Know what you give and ask what you want. be patient.