Blake got kidnapped

Me and Blake went on a walk tonight. On our way I stopped at Walmart to pick up something to eat. I tied down Blake right next to the entrance and went inside. About 15 minutes later I came out and my heart dropped… Blake was gone. I yelled BLAKE! BLAKE! BLAKE! Several times, thinking maybe he got untied and was wondering around. People looked at me like I was a crazy man. 

Someone must’ve took him. What should I do? Surveillance cameras…. Cops… I hope they find him. My mind was racing at 100 mph.

I was pacing in circles until I saw a black truck with a man sitting inside. I came up and asked if he saw the dog tied up here. He said: Yep! Two Indian kids just came up in a car and took him. I got scared… Why would anyone take someone else’s dog? What are they going to do with him?

Then the man added: I thought it was very sketchy, so I took photos of the car. I can be your witness if you need me to. You can barely see the plates number. I called 911 and described the situation. They said stand by. 

About 15 minutes later I got a call from the unknown number. “Hey, my roommate just brought your dog here. He is going to take him back to Walmart.” I swallowed my anger, and I didn’t tell him that cops were about to show up at his doorstep. I didn’t want to scare him, so I said calmly: Ok, I’m waiting here

Few minutes later, a lady cop pulled up in her Ford SUV. She was very fast. I told her that I just got a phone call and was expecting for someone to bring Blake back. I also asked if she could park her vehicle somewhere, so we don’t scare them. She agreed.

I kept waiting until black Chevrolet Cruse showed up about 20 minutes later. Two middle eastern young guys pulled up and opened the back door. Blake jumped out and went straight to me. THANK F@CKING GOD! I felt relieved. 

They said that they say the dog and thought that he was homeless. That’s why they pulled up, untied him and drove away. I was angry. I said that they made me really worried. I then pointed across the parking lot and told them that the cops were here. A lady cop started walking towards us. The guys began apologizing.  

What do you want to do Oleksandr, the cop asked me? If you want, you can press charges – this is theft. I said that I won’t and I hope they learned the lesson. I certainly did learn mine. At the end I didn’t care what those kids told me, I was just happy to have Blake back. I got emotional, because I realized that if he was gone, I would’ve had no one left by my side. He is my only family. I am glad he is back. Me and my dog – we have to care one for another.