My relationship with Blake

We ride. The truck is cold, so I wait to put the heat on, until the engine warms up. Blake sits on the bottom of the passenger seat. “It might be cold up there”, I thought to myself. 

I took the laptop off the passenger seat and winked at him: “Come on” – indicating that he is allowed to jump on the seat. He is happy to do so.
Blake sits straight and looks through the window. I turn the hot air on and direct the air vents toward him. I have a jacket, but he doesn’t.

Blake turns his head to the left and looks right me in the eyes. Hot air swings his eyebrows – he is smiling. I smiled too. I put my hand on his head as we continued driving. What a great relationship we’ve developed. He is so much more than a dog. This is something that you can not buy for any money in the world. Me and my dog… share the life together. It is important to document these thoughts and feelings.

Things will change. He will be gone and will miss him. What a great dog! My companion.

I felt bad for all those times when I was rough with him. I am sorry Blake. I am so grateful for him. For some reason the life made me a gift. He must be my guardian angel that was assigned to protect and guide me.