The Prayer

Dear God

  • Give me the ability to see the patterns and act upon them to improve my life and the life of others. 
  • Teach me ask better questions to receive better answers 
  • Give me the energy to achieve all my goals and teach me to use it effectively and wisely, getting the most of it
  • Teach me the mastery of small steps. Make me a man that develops strategies to assure his outcome and PERSIST until it becomes the reality, changing his approach as necessary and understanding the importance of small actions taken consistently
  • Teach me to focus on the things that matter most, and guard me from external distractions 
  • Let me hear and trust my intuition and act according to it
  • Make my internal castle unbearable to anything or anyone from outside. 
  • Don’t ever let be a slave of my emotions and mind. Teach me to better manage my emotions and reactions. 
  • Teach me to be the observer 
  • Teach me to live here and right now 
  • Show me every obstacle and challenge I’m facing as the opportunity. Teach me to celebrate the failures 
  • Replace my need to be validated by other people with self-love, self-acceptance 
  • Teach me how to use my weaknesses for my benefit
  • Make a hero. The person who demands from himself more than others would expect. A man who moves beyond the “common sense”, setting an example. A man who lives by the truth of his convictions. 
  • Make me a GIANT among men, make me memorable 
  • Teach me how to live each day as it’s the most important day of my life
  • Give me the sense of complete control of my life and everything that happens to me
  • Don’t ever let me become the burden to my family or people around me