We are not YOUR Co-working space. We are anti-social.

We are very different than most co-working spaces. Typical co-working spaces are built to encourage networking and establish a sense of community. I want to create a space, which goes the other way. In fact, we are the antonym to networking. My place is designed for individuals, not the teams. This is a place for deep focused work. Leave your noise canceling headphones at home. You won’t need them here.

  • You won’t have to introduce yourself, when you come in. No talk
  • You won’t have to smile and try to be friendly. No interaction with others, unless you want
  • You won’t cross your eyer with anyone else
  • You won’t have to search for a quiet corner desk to setup your workstation. You were already assigned to your personal desk.
  • You won’t hear anyone grinding coffee on the kitchen
  • You won’t hear anyone talking on the phone
  • You won’t see anyone walking around
  • You won’t hear anyone typing on the keyboard or clicking the mouse key
  • You won’t hear anyone laughing on loud
  • You won’t smell the fish being warmed up in the kitchen’s microwave
  • There is absolutely nothing that could distract you from your work

We are not the place to get together with your team. We are not the place for meeting friends for a cup of tea. We are not the spot to invite your clients to. Use the co-working spaces and cafes. There are already places to satisfy those needs.

We are the place for software engineers, researchers, writers, scientists or anyone who’s work required deep concentration. Our guests are the people who needs the work environment that is either at the office or home. Absolutely no distraction. Only you and your thoughts. We are anti-social. We are individualistic. We are self-centered. Not egoistic, but respectful of others private space.

We are the distraction-free protective bubble. We are the “Zen” space. We are different and unique.