Distraction-free Office Space in Your Neighbourhood

We are now watching in real-time as the relationship between the office and employee changes. We are no longer anchored to the biggest job centers. We don’t need to commute long hours to the office and back. A few years from now, we will be telling our kids the horror stories about our work commute. They would think: “How stupid it was to sit in the car two hours a day commuting to the office and back. I could’ve never done that”. Indeed, I see the commute time as a “wasted time”. 

We now work from home, so there is no commute. Thank God! However, we are now challenged with creating a home-work environment that keeps distractions away and allows us to be productive at our jobs. It’s not easy, especially for those with families and kids. There are only so many days a week that you can endure the work from home. We need a dedicated space for work or study. A place, completely free from distractions, where we can focus and feel productive. A place, where you can find peace of mind and concentrate. 

Companies are getting out of their office space rents. You don’t need to have an MBA to understand that it doesn’t make any financial sense to pay high rent, maintain the office and its supporting staff, while the biggest part of your employees works from home. However, the need for workspace is still there. 

We don’t want to be distracted and we want to be productive at work. At home, we want to rest and decompress. We struggle to draw the line and be as productive as we could while working from home. The work environment plays a huge role in our cognitive performance. After a productive day at work, you are happy with yourself. When you are happy, the people around you are happy as well. When your mind gets distracted the entire day and you can’t get things done – you get upset with yourself. You bring your hard feelings to the dinner table with your family. You become an unpleasant person to be around. At work – work. At home – do everything else. 

We don’t want to commute and luckily for us – we don’t have to anymore. The dream came true. We are free from a single destination. A lot of people are moving away from downtown into suburban areas. We need to pay close attention to the growing trend of mid-density, urban-suburban – or “surban” – locations. Many Americans are contemplating moving to less densely populated areas.

According to Forbes: ”Within New York City, for example, you’re seeing an explosion of demand to stay within the metro area but move nearby, to suburbs in Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. The same story is happening in San Francisco, with people moving to the East Bay and other nearby suburbs.”

Where am I going with all this?

  1. People are getting distracted while working from home.
  2. People are not tied down to working from one location. They can work from anywhere.
  3. People need a workspace that is neither their office nor their home.
  4. This place needs to be located in the suburbs, within 15 minutes of driving.

There is a need for dedicated distraction-free workspace in suburban areas. A place, whiting 15 minutes of driving from home,  where they can engage in deep focused work. 

I want to open a network of offices for professionals whose work demands privacy and deep focus. Implementing the latest research and technology, I want to design an environment that supports people’s concentration and help them to be the best at what they do. 

We are not a typical “coworking space”. We offer privacy and a distraction-free environment. Coworking spaces are built to encourage networking and establish a sense of community. They are great for that, however, my quest is to create a space, which is designed for deep focused work. This will be a professional workspace that can be both private and flexible.