Useless Jobs

Overconsumption creates useless jobs.

How many jobs would’ve been eliminated if, as a society, we took only what is needed for our survival and basic needs? How many stupid, soul-killing jobs would’ve disappeared if every person took only what is enough and not more. 

A useless job to me is a job that produces a product or service that is not necessary for survival. A useless job is a job that’s primary goal is making money. A job that was created out of greed.

As a man, I have a strong need for a purpose in life. While I am still not entirely certain what it is, I get closer by learning what it is NOT. My purpose in life is NOT making money. I am not a greedy man. I don’t need the STUFF to make me happy. No illusion that anything or anyone will make me happy. It is freeing. It allows me to look through fog and get closer to my human nature. 

  • My purpose is not to buy a white house with a picket fence and a three-car garage. 
  • My purpose is not to compete for the most desirable female among other baboons. 
  • My purpose is not to prove to others that I am worth being loved. 

Imagine a future, where the majority of people worked on jobs that were absolutely necessary for our survival as humankind. Hypothetically, 20% of Planet’s population is doing these jobs on a rotation schedule. 80% are studying. They are moving the boundaries of mental, spiritual and physical development. This 80% of people receive a “stipend” to cover basic needs and live comfortably. 20% of the workforce every couple of months is being constantly rotated.