Think Creatively

‘‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”, (Pablo Picasso).

20 years ago, as a kid, I used to really like drawing on the walls. A clear, white wall and a marker in my little hand is the combination that would open up a portal into the parallel universe of my dreams. Salvador Dali and Leonardo da Vinci would get blown up by the curves and shapes of my abstract drawings. Unfortunately my father didn’t hold same passion to the art as I did and instead of praise and applauses I would get my butt whipped. 

Why did we stop being creative, why we became such dry, analytical thinkers? We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of the word means ‘to grow’. 

“Creativity is not about thinking, its about feeling. It’s feelings about ideas”

It’s extremely important for any human being to grow not just physically, mentally, spiritually but also creatively. Do you have the space where you can unleash your creative self? 

Even a caveman was more creative than you, drawing his epic battle against a mammoth on the wall of his cave. 

I am a caveman of my time and my cave requires the space for creative thinking. This is a space where I will dream of my private jet, where I will plan on how I concur the world; a space where I put together my grocery list. 

Whiteboards are expensive and small.

Big thinking requires big space!!!

I made a bit of research and found the dry-erase paint to be the way to go. I headed straight to Home Depot to buy white dry erase paint kit (link).

Here is what you need to do:

1. Outline the space to be painted.                   2. Sand the surface

3. Mix two bottles of paint, following the instructions on the packaging.

4. Put 4 layers of paint with 20 minutes in between. 5. Depending on the temperature and humidity, give it 36-48 hours to dry out.