The Power Within


Everything in life begins from a dream, a vision. A dream of building the first car, a dream of flying like a bird leading to the first airplane, a dream of being stronger or faster making Olympic champions. It’s crucial to have dreams, freely and fearlessly. However, having a dream is the very first step in turning it to reality.

The decision is what’s required to get things moving and change the course of your life. A decision is a gateway to everything you ever wished for. By making a decision to shape your own destiny, you move from being acted upon to be the one who acts. You slowly kill the victim’s mentality that holds you back from the greatness within, to the mentality of the person that has complete control of everything that happens in your life. By making a strong decision you commit yourself to achieve the result and not accepting anything less than that.

We all have been making decisions, both good and bad. Decision making is a skill, it’s a mental muscle and the only way to improve it, to learn how to make better decisions is to actually make more of them. Among hundreds of decisions we make daily, there are three types of them that shape your destiny:

  • Deciding what to focus on
  • Deciding what things mean to you
  • Deciding what to do to get the results you wish