The Future “Office”. You don’t have to work from home.

Cafes are crowded. There is no space to sit and enjoy the drink – it’s occupied by people with laptops. Students and young professionals had flooded cafes. Most of them don’t even order anything. Some don’t even like coffee. They choose this crowded space as the location for work or study. Why not a library? Why not at home? The cafeteria was not meant to be an “office”, but it is now. 

Since March, most of us went to work from home. Some like the transition, some don’t, but all agree that the work environment plays a huge role in our productivity and performance. It is obvious that there is a demand for some type of space, where people can work or study. Call it a “co-working” space or an office. 

Why do people choose to work from Starbucks? A typical answer sounds like this: “I like coffee and the atmosphere”. What is it about the atmosphere that people like?

What if there was a place that would combine all the benefits of working from Starbucks, a library and the office? 

  • Unlimited printing;
  • Unlimited tea, coffee and snacks;
  • Lifestream video conferencing rooms;
  • Soundproof booths;
  • Podcast recording studio;
  • Meeting rooms and opened coworking space;
  • Washrooms and lockers;
  • Clean and modern design.

People are looking for something where they can just have it strictly for work. One lady told me: “Sometimes, I just don’t want to do any work, because I’m so comfortable being there.”

I want to create a community hub, where people that have entrepreneurial aspirations can get encouragement, education and training. Coworking was already an option before the pandemic, however now it’s gaining the interest.

A home is an option, and of course, headquarters or the office space or whatever it might be as an option. I see coworking being a beautiful option right in the middle.

I want to provide a five-star workplace. The most professional and inspiring environment, which you will see in Google or Microsoft. You don’t have to commute long hours to the downtown office. You can work from one of our offices, which is much more convenient. 

Every morning we see thousands of people sitting in traffic on their way to the office. One hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon. Two hours of your life is being completely wasted. Coronavirus had given us the opportunity to reinvent the office. Our homes had become the office for millions of people. Luckily modern technology and automation allow us to stay productive and efficient while working from anywhere with an internet connection. But is it true that the recipe for productive work consists of only the computer and internet access? No, it’s not.

Motivated, smart people can be given all the tools, but still, underperform. The work environment plays a huge role in people’s performance. 

I want to build a chain of coworking spaces across Canada. Similar to gym chains like LA Fitness and GoodLife Fitness, our customers (members) will be able to access any of our facilities in different parts of the country with a single membership. We will have offices with spaces small enough for freelancers and big enough for businesses to set up their headquarters. Office layout will be determined by location and the need for corporate office space. 

It doesn’t make sense to live in one location and work in a drastically different location unless you absolutely have to. The number of people that have to make those commutes is small and getting smaller. Most people had the experience of working remotely before the pandemic, and now it makes sense for us to go permanently.

I want to build something that is more than just space. It will be an environment that encourages innovation and communication. The environment where people can focus and be productive. The place, where large companies can bring their teams together on a regular basis.

Web designers, database programmers, AI researchers, writers, podcasters, YouTubers…all kinds of professionals will have the opportunity to congregate and work under the same roof. Our onsite coordinators/office managers will help people network and connect. There’s a disconnect. I will build the entrepreneurial hubs across the country.

Coming to our office, you will see people working on their own individual projects and businesses. You will feel the energy – the entrepreneurial spirit and then, you will thrive off that energy. You will feel like, “Okay, these people are working”, and motivate you to work.