A distraction-free dedicated space for a focused work

There is a need for dedicated office space. 

I see the need for distraction-free dedicated space to engage in deep focused work. In order to stay active in the new, pandemic-induced business environment, leaders in law, finance, consulting, real estate and other professional services industries need a space that supports their work.

Companies will shift to permanent work-from-home models after COVID-19. Some will adopt the “hybrid” model, where the employees show up at the office a few times a month. There is no more need to own the office. Instead, I see the need for safe offices on a rental basis.

Remote work has been on the rise through the pandemic. There are senior-level professionals and executives who prefer a dedicated and distraction-free workspace. I believe despite the fact that companies close their offices, the work environment is still everything for many professionals, especially for mid-senior executives and managers.

I want to open a network of offices for professionals whose work demands privacy and deep focus. Our walls will be made from materials selected for better soundproofing. We will have the noise cancellation system that turns every office into a quiet room. 

I see the demand for industry-specific office space: offices that are meant to support work-life for engineers, lawyers, accountants and other executives who require more from their workspace than just a cool place to collaborate with peers and have coffee. The old coworking model is not relevant anymore. I want to build professional coworking offices. I believe there is a need and we yet to see the rise of such places.

I don’t see my company as a coworking space. We offer more of the privacy, while in the coworking environment. We are different than most coworking spaces. Typical coworking spaces are built to encourage networking and establish a sense of community. I want to create a space, which is designed for deep focused work

It is beneficial for businesses to have their corporate headquarters near large cities because of the greater opportunities and access to talent. The need for dedicated office space isn’t going anywhere. 

The typical coworking sector is transforming. Instead of building one size fits all office, they need to implement alternative office space options for every specific industry. This need for industry-specific co-working spaces had created the demand for professional workspace that can be both private and flexible

My coworking space will target typical users like freelancers, startuppers and solopreneurs, but also I aim to partner with big companies who want to benefit from using shared offices. I see large companies turn to coworking as a smarter alternative to the traditional office.