Entrepreneurial Adventure | Recovery Room

I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur. I was fascinated of how someone’s single thought, a vision can become a business that changes people’s lives. I have always enjoyed reading successes stories and biographies of strong leaders, successful business mans and just the people who made significant impact into the world we live in. Their views on life inspired me and often gave me the will to keep moving forward, overcoming obstacles.

I look at the business as at the sport. So many similarities. Entrepreneurship gives me the opportunity to challenge my mind in a ways that sport doesn’t. I get to master such skills as persistence and resilience. I work on developing the vision, creating the plan and executing it.

I believe that entrepreneurship will help me develop my human potential through developing my leadership potential. It will give me a freedom to express myself through the work I will be doing. I want to create something that will not just bring the food on my table but also serve other people and society I live in.

Human potential is unlimited and it is our mandate to discover it.

Over the course of past several months I’ve ran a small business called Recovery Room.

MVP or how I called it – a “Smoke Test” allowed me to obtain business knowledge and experience as well as to make a decision on whether to pursue the idea or not.
Through MVP (minimum viable product) I tested some of my core assumptions and obtained some valuable data that could be beneficial to others and should not be lost on my hard drive.

Considering the all the factors outlined in the document below and a personal loss of interest to the subject of advanced recovery, I have decided not to pursue this business project and terminate Recovery Room at its early stage. I might change my decision and perspective in future, but for now it shall remain as is. I still believe this is a good innovative idea and anticipate to see similar businesses open across US and Canada in future. I am also convinced that athletes can benefit from implementing and utilizing advanced recovery tools into their athletic routine. Because of that I am sharing the work I’ve done over the past several months with the public and allow anyone use it whether to start their own business or improve existing one. Below I attached my business plan outlining the vision for the business, a step-by-step process of developing this initiative and detailed marketing research.