Reinventing the “Office”. Business Idea Proposal

Corporate Application

Tech companies are leading the way to a permanent shift to working from home. Corporations don’t need to rent large office spaces. Instead, I suggest bringing the teams together for creative engagements several times a month, but keep the staff working from home on a permanent basis. I propose a new way of organizing office work and team events. I have an idea of building new-age coworking spaces, located in the most beautiful places on earth.

Our locations will provide your team with the following:

  • 24/7 catering service. Our nutritionists prepare meals that support brain activity and improve focus. Our menu is designed to boost your mental performance.
  • Breathing instructors. Daily breathing sessions to teach you how to improve your focus. 
  • Blasting High-Speed Internet (completely secure)
  • Soundproof booths 
  • Lifestreaming conference rooms
  • Podcast recording rooms
  • Video recording studios

Individual Application

Are you feeling stuck? Can’t focus?

Have you ever noticed that you are more productive in certain places? Somehow you get more things done and feel productive. You are able to focus and get more done in one hour than in the entire day filled with distractions. The environment plays a huge role in the way you think and solve problems.

Come to our high-performance creative lab. It is designed with the sole purpose to stimulate people’s minds to generate break-through ideas and creative solutions. At our “camp” you will gain the laser-sharp focus and complete your projects in no time.

We help people focus. We minimize distractions, which prevent you from performing at your best. We are the shelter for your best ideas and thoughts. We are the digital protective bubble. We designed our facility in a way to keep you calm, steady, and productive. We worked with the best researchers and scientists to develop a working space, which maximizes people’s productivity and brings it to the next level.

Nowadays ADHD is at an all-time high. Intelligent and smart people suffer from the inability to put their minds to the best use. They barely can handle the noise that bombards them from every direction. So many great ideas and thoughts are being killed by constant distractions from the outside world. All they need is a little bit of focused time. Once achieved, they become unstoppable. They generate unique and creative thoughts. They find solutions to the problems that never been solved before. They make odd connections and come up with ideas. ADHD is not a handicap. It can be your biggest gift if applied properly. To harness it, you need the right environment. 

I want to create a destination where people come for answers. A please where ideas are born. A place of focus – the Zone.

Our guests come with a question and leave with the answer. We don’t have the answers, but we help you discover them on your own.

Let’s build something great! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.