Whenever you feel depressed, it is very important to remind yourself that if you don’t like something, you can change it. Listen, you are not a victim of life! … unless you decide to be.



You are young and healthy. You HAVE TIME! This is your most valuable resource and you have plenty of it. As humans, our main task in life is to learn. If you are not failing and making mistakes – you are not learning. Listen, you are in the stage of life, where you need to fail as many times as you can – TO LEARN. If you learn – you grow. The only rule is that you can make the same mistake only once. If you repeat the same mistake over and over – you are not learning.

  • Move to a new city
  • Move to a new country. How cool would it be to spend the next winter in Marbella, Spain or in Mexico, or on Carribean? All need to do is to figure out how to make $5k /month while working remotely online.
  • Take on some very hard physical challenge: 
    • Train and runn 100 km
    • Swim across the local lake

If things don’t go as planned – it’s all right. There is nothing horribly wrong about it and you are not a failure. Keep pushing, you are doing great. As long as you learn – you fulfill your mission in life. If you want to learn faster – make more mistakes. Try more new things! Dude, your life is so short.

You fell asleep and don’t see your power. You are the God! You have the power to materialize everything you want and create the life full of experiences. Listen to me: You really can! It’s up to you to take my words to the heart or disregard them, as some woo-woo stuff. It might be woo-woo, but I prefer to call it magic. I am a shaman and I do magic. Haha and I laugh when things start appearing and my life aligns in the most unprecedented way. I am laughing and dancing. 

Get out of your head. Imagine you are at the hospital – near death. Imagine you died – as vivid as you can. Now open your eyes and realize that today’s day is a gift. Look at yourself as already dead and accept every day on this Earth as a truly invaluable gift. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Life is a dangerous game and no one will get out alive. It is so easy to fall into depression and burn down. Our health is so fragile, but we don’t appreciate it. I certainly don’t, until something hurts. 

Everyone is going through some sh*t. The World didn’t come crashing down at you. Eyes on the prize. What do you want? And envision it as vividly as you can! Lit up the fire inside. You are on your own my friend. 

Keep yourself healthy.