2021 Plan

I used to write long-ass lists of goal and things to accomplish at the end of each year. As usual, I attempted to do the same this year… Couldn’t force myself.

What about the past year’s goals? With fear, I realized that there had to be a document on my hard drive named “Goals 2020”, so I went to search for it. A long list of things that I set myself to achieve in the past year. Coronavirus hit and all my plans went to hell.

I realized that the way I planned my years in the past was not practical. This year I will make it simpler. Where to start?

First, I remind myself what is important to me. What’s my life’s motto? Why do I live?

“To be the best myself – to be the most impactful”

Alright, that remained unchanged, so I will use it as the foundation. I am the happiest when I see the progress. I strive for improvement and pushing my boundaries. Seeing myself grow, getting smarter and stronger is what make me joyful. This is the way to go.

There are three major areas in my life, in which I want to excel:

  1. SPORT
  3. MIND
  4. HEALTH – maintenance

Three things to which I dedicate all my time and energy. I will plan the year of 2021 around what’s important. I will try to make the plan as simple as possible, so I can memorize it as a mantra and recall it anytime, anywhere. Let’s begin.


I will lose 12 kilograms and keep it off for the rest of the year and beyond. I will look ripped and feel strong. My body will be healthier and fitter than ever before. I will improve in all three disciplines of triathlon. I will become much stronger cyclist. My FTP will be +300 Watts. I will be much faster runner, breaking the 3 hour marathon mark. I will find joy in swimming, which will also help me improve.


I will make my first million this year. I will build a business out of nothing that will worth at least $1 M by the end of 2021. I will also have enormous amount of fun along the way. I will enjoy it so much, so it will feel illegal.


I will read two books a month. Not for the sake of reading, but to learn. I will read what’s relevant and make educated decisions based on what I learned. I will make notes of what I’ve read and post my summaries. Reading will stimulate my mind to thinking, so I’ll write to put my thoughts on paper. I will make an effort to finish and publish one of my books. On Amazon, by the end of 2021.


If I could improve only one thing that will make me healthier, it will be my relationship with food. I will improve my eating habits and stop eating before bed. I will treat the food as fuel and get off sugar. I will also make an effort to give my body more rest when it needs it and try to be more sensitive to it’s needs. I will sleep when tired. I will take it easy, when fatigued.

That’s it. Sport, Business and continuous Improvement.
I tried to make it as simple as I could. I don’t list the places I want to travel to. In fact, I’ve traveled quite a bit, so now I feel that I’m getting fed up a bit. I will definitely travel, however I don’t make the plans for it. I will go with a flow.

2021 in one sentence:

Now I will print this and put it on my forehead to remember. Happy New Year 🥳