Why you never act on your ideas or… Why you never asked he out

Have you fell in love? Of course, you did! Remember that pretty girl in the high school?

There was dance night, and all your friends would come with their girlfriends. Not you. So why won’t you ask her out? Nope. Days, weeks and months will go by, but you will never ask her. You’re afraid!!! You are chicken shit. But what exactly are you afraid of? Is she going to bite you? Is she so scary looking? Maybe you are afraid that she will punch you in the face? No… none of that. Realize that there is little to do with her. It’s all you. 

You are afraid of rejection. You are afraid of failure. Every failure is closely tied to your self-worth. If she says no – that’s a failure. You are a failure. You are broken. You are not enough. You wish you were better: stronger, handsome, from a wealthy family etc. You are a funny little munchkin. You feed yourself with those excuses just to smooth your emotional pain. You will do anything to escape emotional discomfort. You cannot endure the slightest emotional pressure. those excuses that you tell yourself and others are like a Tylenol, to relieve the pain. So all you do is look at this pretty girl and dream about an intimate moment with her. in your dream she said yes, you kissed and walked together into the sunset while holding hands.

Same with your ideas. You like to have an idea. You dream about success. You envision yourself as a successful businessman, a self-made millionaire. this is a really good idea, it’s pretty, just as that girl you liked. And just as you never asked that chick out, you will never take an action step on your idea. You will walk around and dream. You may even write a business plan. You will tell all your friends and family about your brilliant insight. That’s about it. You will never act upon it.

You are afraid to fail. In your head, Failure will mean that you’re not good enough. Failure will question your self worth as a human being. So why won’t you do the same what you did with that girl?  come up with a good excuse. Just create an excuse. It must be good enough so you buy into it. you never act on your ideas, because you are afraid to fail. You are afraid of the negative shit talk that you will have with yourself if your idea does not fly. you don’t want to feel emotional discomfort. You believe you are unique, intelligent, special. If you fail, all those qualities will become questionable. Maybe you’re not that intelligent? What if you are not that special? Doesn’t it sound distressing to you? You are fragile. 

You don’t attempt to act on your business ideas because you are comfortable thinking that you are special. There are more things to come, it’s just a matter of time. You will get all you want, just be patient. HA-HA! You are a funny one. 

You got to be comfortable with favour. You need to disassociate failure with your self-worth. Come down a level and fix that crown on your head. You are not special. There is nothing ahead of you unless you act.  if you want to change your life, you got to be OK with pain. If you want, truly want to succeed in business, you have to be prepared for emotional discomfort. To move from “P” to “D”, you need to be totally fine with getting kicked in balls. It will hurt. People will give you shit. You will feel stupid. You will feel immediate. You will lose money and time. You will question your abilities and intelligence.

The same with relationships. If you are not ready to suffer, don’t start a relationship. Love hurts. Relationships are very difficult. You will fight. You will be called all bunch of names. You will get cheated on. The list is endless. It’s like 50 shades of pain when falling in love with someone.

Now answer to yourself honestly: why are you procrastinating on doing the things you know you have to be doing? How much are you afraid of failure? How much are you afraid of rejection?  you either do or Don. You’ll either act on your ideas and promises, or you forget about those. All your thoughts and notes are nothing more than mental masturbation. They make you feel good, but nothing gets done.

Remember what happened with that girl? You’ve been dreaming about her for several months or maybe years. You’ll be walking around visualizing you were together. Until… she started dating your friend. A guy, not much smarter or prettier than you.  exactly the same will happen with your brilliant business idea. A simple guy, with only a high school diploma, no connections and experience – will take your girl out. He had balls to act. He was not afraid to lose, there was nothing to lose. Unlike you, he didn’t have such an inflated Ego. He didn’t care if people called him an idiot. He already heard it. He took your idea and started making steps forward. He knows that he will most likely fuck up. So what?

Realize that nobody gives a fuck about your failures. Moreover, no one cares about your successes, unless they benefit from it.