Stop the Leaks: Energy Drains & Vampires

So many young healthy people complain about feeling tired on  High energy levels will not only increase vitality, but also make you more influential and authoritative. The higher your energy the more attractive you become to people around. So many people are energy deprived, tired and exhausted. It’s in high demand and unconsciously, people feel your energy and feed on it like vampires. This is why so-called magnetic or charismatic people appear to be so attractive. When you have high energy levels, they spill over onto others, making you favorable and appealing to them. Energy within is the secret of your charm.

There are two ways in which you can increase your energy levels:

  1. Reduce the expenditure. 
  2. Increase the production. 

The first step is reduction, not in a sense of doing less, but reducing the amount of energy spent on meaningless things. It is about bringing awareness to the things that suck the energy out of you, essential for litality and good health. Self-rumination, negative thoughts and feelings take so much of your energy. The continuous inner battle drains us, sucks all the life out. You job is to determine the major energy leaks in your life. Some of them are obvious, some not. Set yourself free and get all the wasted energy back. You will feel lighter. Bringing awareness by shining light on the leeches that feed on your energy give you choices: continue feeding the leech or demand what’s yours, stop the leak and shake off the sucker off your back. Even if you don’t don’t use any of the techniques and tools described later in the book, but fixed several major energy leaks in your life – you will greatly increase your energy levels. This will make you feel empowered and you will never want to go back to the sluggish existence you’ve been calling “living”.

Energy Drains

So much of the energy is being wasted on negative feelings and emotions:

  • Anger;
  • Fear;
  • Cognitive dissonance. When your actions conflict with your core values you create an internal conflict with your soul. Clearly define your core values and use them to guide you through the journey of your life. Don’t waste the precious energy on battling with your soul. No matter how hard you try, I promise you will lose every time;
  • Carrying what other people think;
  • Guilt. Feeling to be owed comes out of the guilt. If you owe, you did something wrong therefore you guilty and you need to be punished;
  • Trying to control something or someone; 
  • Worrying about the future;  
  • Resisting feelings or emotions; 
  • Exhaustion due to overdoing/multi-tasking;
  • Dis-ease of the physical body. Fighting the disease or a virus within the body requires a lot of energy;
  • Boredom.

Any of the things listed above, if reached a certain level of intensity, can easily consume all the energy resources produced by your body. The list can go on and on, however there are two processes among the rest that consume the most of your energy:

  • Inner dialog;
  • Muscle tension.

We can’t stop or control the unstoppable stream of thoughts in our heads which drains us faster than anything else. Without even realising, we remain tense for the most part of our day. The muscles are tight, even when we are not doing anything. Whenever we perform any kind of physical activity, we engage muscles of the body that should not be used at all. When doing the easiest things, we waste so much energy that would be enough to run a marathon. When we walk, we waste the energy to keep the shoulders and neck muscles contracted.  Even laying on a couch we can’t truly relax and remain tense in the entire body. Unconsciously we even waste the energy on facial expressions. 

In addition, we have a habit of talking about stupid things with everyone. We drain ourselves trying to prove, attempting to explain ourselves. Even if there is no one around, we continue chatting with ourselves in our minds. We just can’t stop this endless chat. Talking, talking. talking… Realize that you don’t have to always talk, think, do or even feel. You can just simply be. First step for increasing energy levels you need to learn how to save the energy that is being produced by your body. Stop unconsciously wasting this precious resource on meaningless things. Save and use this energy on the things that matter, things that make a difference in your life and the lives of others, grow and develop a beautiful human being – yourself.

Energy Vampires

Energy is all around, however only so many people learned to access it. Those people recharge their batteries, taking the energy from Cosmos. It is not a born skill and hard to develop. Much easier to absorb someone else’s energy, who had done the job of assimilating it in their bodies.

There were times when you felt exhausted, bored, irritated, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or depressed after just a few moments in a person’s company. You’ve been drained by the energy vampire. 

“Energy vampires are emotionally immature individuals who have the sense that the whole world revolves around them. They are almost incapable of seeing things from another person’s perspective. They often lack empathy. They believe that they must take everything they can get from others and that giving anything will deprive them of essential resources. It’s as if the whole world exists just to serve them and you are the latest object upon which they have set their sights for exploitation.”, (Henshaw S., 2018).

Some literature refers to energy vampires as to “Psychic Vampires”:

“ A psychic vampire is a fictional and religious creature said to feed off the “life force” of other living creatures. The term can also be used to describe a person who gets increased energy around other people, but leaves those other people exhausted or “drained” of energy. “, ( Wikipedia, November 3, 2019).

Psychic vampires often feel energy deficient. They don’t produce enough energy to sustain themselves. At one point of their lives they discover that they can charge their batteries from other people. Once they get a taste of elevated energy levels, they can’t go back. The vampire is now awakened.

There are conscious and unconscious vampires. A lot of people will suck your energy out without meaning  to do so. They are unconscious of their needs and abilities. Other type – conscious vampires is more dangerous. They are well aware of whom they are and how to use other people for their well being. Emotions, often negative, are the fuel for vampires and they will do anything to shake you off the balance. Emotional vampires are everywhere and wear many different heats — from needy relatives to workplace bullies. Either consciously or not, these people can make us feel overwhelmed, depressed, defensive, angry, and wiped out.

Protect yourself:

  1. Be aware. Whenever you feel drained, get tired and lose energy in a company of a certain person – you have surely met the emotional vampire. Now that you are aware that you are being used, you can take actions to protect yourself from being completely drained.
  2. Distance yourself from the person. The easiest ways to protect yourself from being drained by a vampire is to simply stay away from them, however that is not always possible;
  3. Meditate. Daily meditation will increase your energy levels, so when the interaction with one is inevitable, you at least will last longer, until you can break free.
  4. Smile. If vampire tries to shake you off the balance to feed on your negative emotions – fight them back with a smile and kindness. Awareness is your shield, smile is your sword. It can be really hard to lift up the heavy sword of smile when all you think of is to scream and yell, however realize that this all the vampire needs from you.