Olympic training facility: We help people focus

Olympic Training Facility

Think about an Olympic training facility. What do you know about such? People come there to work. High performance athletes, best of the best, come to improve physically and break the limits of what’s possible. Our athletes are mental athletes. We work with CEOs, executives, writers, singers, artists and pretty much anyone who makes a living by mental work.

In your life, you know that there are locations and environments in which you are more productive. On the other hand, there are places where you can’t focus and struggle to put two words together. Work environment plays a huge role in your mental performance. I already mentioned that processed foods and sugar will not help you focus. Nutrition must be dialed in as well. No matter how great of potential you have, but all you eat is junk food – you will not reach your full potential. Neither physical nor mental.

We help people focus. Located in remote locations, in the middle of the forest, next to a beautiful lake. Nothing around that could distract you. No bars, no strippers, no casinos, no fast food restaurants, no news or radio, nothing that could potentially distract you.

We are not a typical co-working space. Coming to us – you get into a protective digital bubble. We are your digital shield from the outside disruptions. We provide you with all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Before you come, you have to formulate the question – the one thing that you want to have accomplished. You have to have the problem to solve, so you need to know why you come. If you’ve been struggling with focus. If you tried to write a chapter, a song, record the podcast, draw the picture, plan the next year’s goals for your company, but you couldn’t and feel stuck – come to us. If no one seem to be able to help you find the answer – we are your go to place. We will help you to get into the mental “zone”. We will support you nutritionally and physically. You won’t worry about cooking, because all the food will be prepared for you. The world’s distractions will not sink through our shield. Nothing that could potentially distract you. Our study/work rooms were designed by leading scientists and researchers on human brain. We built a place which maximizes your mental performance. We are your mental workout gym. We are the Olympic training facility for the world-class mind performers. Our creative place is designed with sole purpose to stimulate your mind’s activity. Here, you will start coming with breakthrough ideas and creative solution that you would have never gotten back in your typical environment. In our camp you will gain the laser sharp focus and complete your projects in no time. You came with the question and left with the answer. You came with the problem – but left with the solution. We didn’t tell you the solution, but you developed it. We only provided you with environment and support to help you succeed.


Focus is our everything. In the age of information – focus worth more than gold. Information is not the problem and it is available to anyone at any time. Getting focused is the problem. So many great ideas and thoughts were murdered by constant distractions of the outside world. Smart and intelligent people need just a little bit of focused time. Sometimes they do get it, on their own they create the environment or develop a method which helps them to get into the “zone”. Some work at the Starbucks, crowded cafe makes their focus sharp. Others work in their home basement, with no sound nor lights. People escape from distractions into remote locations, far from civilization. People run away from the noise.

What if they were able to hold the focus and stay in the zone for longer? What if there was a place where they could come and achieve this elevated state? A place where they can get into the zone and time didn’t matter anymore. A place, where their brains would work like a well-tuned race car. Once the noise is minimized and distractions are gone – they can achieve greatest things and become unstoppable. Ideas start flooding their minds. We can help people change the world.

We can help people to come up with the answers not us all we do is we do everything possible to help creators get into the zone into the best what they can do they will be able to make connections between thoughts and ideas, to put the dots together. We provide our residents with the environment that promotes a “laser-sharp focus”. We choose our locations in collaboration with researchers who find the best areas in the world which had been known to promote human health, physical and mental performance. Fresh air, nutritious food, favorable electro-magnetic fields and a lot of other factors that we consider. There are places in the world which were chosen by ancient people for their ceremonies and settlements. Those are the “places of power”, which make our minds work on different frequencies. We carefully pick location because we realize that the environment is one of the most important factors to help humans achieve the best state of mind and focus possible.

I want to create a destination where people would come with the question and leave with the answer. I won’t guarantee that they will get the answer overnight or even over course of the week, but I can guarantee that at our location people will have the best chance of getting closer to that answer. We will do everything possible to help you to move your mental performance to the highest level possible. We will use science and work with scientists to develop tools, technology and environment which will help you achieve the things you never thought you could have achieved. How many beautiful things will come out from our facilities? The next time musician produces a song that people all over the world love, he will tell on one of the interviews that he got inspired at one of these “focus places”. He will say that a team of people helped him to get the most out of his creativity and create the song that everybody now enjoys. The next time you read a bestselling book, there is a chance that it was written by somebody who spent some time at our place. We helped the author to tap into his/her creativity and produce a masterpiece.

All our guests need to come with the question or a problem to solve. We won’t give them the answer, neither will we solve the problem, but we will do all we could to move them closer to the solution.

I would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback so please reach out to me at oleksandr.tereshchuk1@gmail.com