A new trend on the rise – the “Space Service”

I believe there is a trend on the rise – I call it the “space service”. There are different types of spaces: event space, coworking space, focused workspace, sprint planning space, presentation space. There is a demand for space as a service, where you can use the type of space that fits your needs, on-demand. 

There is a need for coworking spaces geared towards independent healthcare practitioners. A workspace for healthcare practitioners outside of large hospitals. How can we fulfill this need?

A note to myself: offer clinical exam rooms, as well as offices with basic medical supplies for clinical professionals such as therapists, primary care physicians and surgeons. Allow customers to pay on a pay-as-you-go membership model, where healthcare professionals can sign up for month-to-month payments. 

For instance, if a member needs just one room one day a week, MedCoShare offers a plan to accommodate that.

“Wherever the practitioner is in their business, we can adjust our inventory to suit their needs,” said Ronak.


The on-demand business model works on a simple rule: “Access is better than ownership.” The idea is to make workspaces for different types of work easily accessible, including technology and features that the customer otherwise cannot own. Millennials don’t want to own things. People no longer buy cars, they rent them instead. Fewer young people strive to buy a house, they are happy about renting one.

I want to build a holding company that will own real estate and build specialized spaces for rent. 

“You focus on your work. We take care of the rest,” is a dream come true to any parent working from home for the past several months. Our basic offer is:

  • 24/7 secure access
  • Free on-street parking
  • High-speed secure internet 
  • Mail Services
  • Unlimited printing
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks

I have many more ideas around technology and science to be incorporated into the design. This is all for this post. The main takeaway is that the typical office had changed and will continue to evolve. There are new needs emerge and as entrepreneurs, we need to find creative ways to fulfill those needs.

The time of the crysis is the time of opportunities.