90 Min Cadence ~Feeling strong! Enjoyed the workout~

Repeat of the last week’s workout: 90 Min Cadence, May 16, 2019.

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10′ easy spin

1hr’ ride holding 180-200 watts
At the top of the 20th min put in an 8′ effort as follows…
2′ at 210W at 90rpms
2′ at 210W at 100rpms
2′ at 210W at 110rpms
2′ at 210W at 90rpms

2′ soft pedal then go directly into the following bout

2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 100rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 110rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms

At the top of the 50th min put in the following…
2′ at 225 at 90rpms
2′ at 210 at 90rpms
2′ at 200 at 90rpms
2′ at 190 at 90rpms
2′ at 180 at 90rpms

5′ easy spin

Using Cooling Fan
Performing in “Standart Mode

Pre-meal (300 Calolies: 78C/0F/4P):
1 coffee
1 Plantain 260g
Sweet Potato 150g
BCAA 2 scoops+ beta alanine+creatine

Pre-weight: 67.6 kg (66.8 kg last week)
Post- weight: 67.1 kg (66.4 kg)
Consumed: 1000 mL (plain water)
Loss: 1.5 kg (2%) GOOD!

Fueling (200 Cal: 21/12F/4P):
Liked it. Tastes good

Felt strong!
200 Watts were so much easier to hold than last week. Not sure if it’s because I was using the “Standard mode” instead of “ERG”. Or maybe it’s because the plantain I ate before (high GI food). Also yesterday, 90% of my carbs came from the brown rice, instead of oatmeal, as usual. Is it the thing that made a difference?
I am really proud for myself and my body.
I can say that I even enjoyed the workout.
Feeling good and strong!