To be the best myself – To be the most impactful

I strive to be the best myself in anything I do. I approach every obstacle as an opportunity to grow and learn. No matter what – it’s all good mental training. Why push? Why risk? Why try? To make my life an interesting and exciting journey. I sacrifice comfort over the challenge. 

I live at a high pace, however, I don’t sprint. I experiment. I fail. I ask questions. I talk straight. I have ideas and the energy to manifest them in life. I am disciplined, but I never served in the army. 

Since 18, I am on my own. I changed continents, countries and cities. One tiny suitcase, three hundred dollars and a one-way ticket to the USA. This is where I began my journey.

I have an excellent education. I have unique work and life experiences. I have ideas and energy to implement them in life. I tend to keep my word and people know me as a reliable person. If I really want something, be sure I’ll get it. 

Oleksandr Tereshchuk

I am 29 years old and I live my life to the fullest. I do what most people would consider “crazy and I love it”. Why? Because simple life is boring. I am into self-development. Every day I strive to improve physically, mentally and spiritually. I compete in Ironman triathlons around the world. This gives me the opportunity to travel, meet new people and explore my physical limits. I strive to come in the first place of my age-group in the Ironman race. I am lucky to have a small amount of athletic talent and I work every day to make the most of it. I have placed a bunch of first, second and third places in Obstacle Course Racings, such as Spartan, Tough Mudder and Terrain racing.

Oleksandr Tereshchuk

I don’t hold on to my story, neither do I think that my life views are supreme. I don’t hold on to material things, therefore I don’t have much to lose. I don’t disregard the need for money. Making money is part of the game I play. I am a capable student and I welcome the change. I learn to adapt. 

As she said…: “You are like a cockroach – you will survive even after the nuclear war. You always find a way…”. I sleep tight, knowing that no matter what – I will figure it out. I have a plan, I always do.

Somebody, please fix my crown, because I am too perfect. Like any other person, I have my flaws. I am aware of most of them, however, I never stop learning about myself. Irony and the ability to laugh at your own stupidity is essential in my life.

Speaking of travel – I don’t believe in tourism in its conventional sense. I am into “sports tourism”. The best way to explore a new place is on your feet. I choose to wake up at 5 am and run 20km through the streets of a new place I’m in. I prefer to ride my bike 100km around the suburbs and take it all in. I would swim across the lakes and scare all the fish in it. Why? Because I can.

I used to live in Toronto, working as a self-driving vehicle test engineer. I held a prestigious IT job at Uber ATG (advanced technology group). Six-figure job, benefits, amazing benefits did not make happy, so I tried different things. I started several small businesses, neither of which had great financial success. However, I gained a ton of experience. I have absolutely zero doubts that I can succeed in business, so I continue trying. I am an entrepreneur at my core. Let’s talk about business. I always have new ideas and would love to hear yours.

I went “cold turkey” and sold 80% of my “stuff”. I moved out of the box which I used to rent. I traded comfort for freedom. I bought myself the biggest truck you can find: 7-litre turbocharged diesel on six wheels. I put the biggest 4-season camper on top of the truck and said Sayonara, bitches! to my neighbours. I am not coming back. Why? I love this question. Ask me and I would be happy to tell you exactly why.


My buddy Blake keeps me company in all the crazy things I put myself through. He is a Scottish Terrier – the smartest and most intelligent dog you’ve ever seen. We are a dream team.

To make this lifestyle sustainable
To make it work

To make it work financially. Moreover, I strive to “make my first million out of RV“. I make an assumption that I can make it work and achieve my desired outcome. This is only an experiment and the is no failure of success. I will prove the assumption to be true or false. Either way, I’ll be happy.

I have an exceptionally good education and a unique life experience that I am proud of. I graduated from Grand Canyon University (Colangelo College of Business) with honours in an MBA degree. In addition, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering (Computer Science). I have experience starting and running businesses. I possess three years of experience working in the autonomous vehicle development industry as an engineer. I am fit AF and I am smart. I speak three languages, and I am a very good writer. I am also modest, as you can tell. Haha!



  1. IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, Spain (April 28th)
  2. IRONMAN 70.3 Kona, Hawaii (June 1st)
  3. IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka, Canada (July 7)
  4. IRONMAN 70.3 Imperial Beach, California (September 15)
  5. IRONMAN 140.6 Florida (November 2)
  6. 11th Annual Southwest Valley Family Regional YMCA Olympic &
  7. Sprint Adult and Youth Duathlon (March 18th, 2-mi Run, 12-mi bike, 2 mi Run) 1st place
  8. Mountain Man 34th Annual Triathlon, Flagstaff, AZ, July 15th , 3rd place
  9. Montreal Esprit Triathlon, Sep 11, 2020


  1. NORTH MONTREAL SPRINT (May 18, 2019)
  2. OTTAWA SUPER(July 27, 2019) – 1st place
  4. Arizona Spartan Race Stadium Sprint Elite Men (July 2018), 2nd place
  5. America’s Toughest Mudder South, Central Texas (May 5th, 2018) – 30 miles, 9 hours
  6. Tough Mudder Arizona (March 24th, 2018) – 5th place
  7. Terrain Race – Tucson – (April 28th, 2018)
  8. Tough Mudder, NY (August 4th, 2018)
  9. Spartan Race Age Group, University of Phoenix Stadium (July 7th, 2018) – 2nd place 
  10. Terrain Race Flagstaff Competitive Waive (July 21st, 2018).
  11. Spartan Race: LAURENTIAN SPRINT, (May 18, 2019)
  12. Spartan Race: Ottawa Super (July 28, 2019)


  1. Rock ‘n Roll 10K 49:43 (2018, Phoenix AZ)
  2. Pet’s Run 10K (2018, Phoenix AZ)
  3. BIAAZ Run, Walk and Roll 46:30 (April 16, 2018)
  4. Toronto Waterfront Marathon (October 21, 2018)
  5. Austin, TX ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot, (November 2017)
  6. Phoenix Run Run Rudolph 10K, 2018
  7. 1st MARATHON DE FRANCE (January 6, 2019)

Core principles