Fueling Before

For athletes, eating carbohydrates is like putting the octane in your body. Consuming carbs will increase your blood glucose levels and help to fill your tanks before training or racing.

IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, Spain. February 16, 2019

The closer I get to my first IRONMAN, the more race specific my training gets. On today’s agenda is the “BRICK”: 2 hour 15 minutes Endurance Bike Ride (180w) immediately followed by10 minutes run of the bike Fueling Before: 2 cups of coffee Essential Amino acids Whole Grapefruit 360g (40 carbs)  Hydration Considering my previous Sweat Rate... Continue Reading →


RACE RECAP The venue took place at the sports complex with hot drinks and even live music. I got my bib and started to prepare for the race. Standing at the front line of the start line I got a good vision of the road ahead of me. 3...2...1 and we all set our bodies... Continue Reading →

Eurotour 2019

The New 2019 Years chapter has started. Happily I grab a pen and title the first page with “Marathon de Paris”. I’ve planned a family trip, where me, my brother and mom will travel to Paris by car, driving through Poland 🇵🇱 Germany 🇩🇪Belgium 🇧🇪and France 🇫🇷. We will be making stops along the way... Continue Reading →

Blake’s flight to Ukraine

Blake and me have traveled quite a bit together. In just one year of life, this dog has seen more that some people did in the lifetime. All our travels has been done by car. We explored every corner on the West Coast in US, we lived on the back of my truck for more... Continue Reading →

Type “A”

We are all broken in one or another way. Every single person has an early age trauma, the event that had unfixable effect on his entire life.  In my young age I’ve achieved quite a bit, but none of those achievements brought me happiness, the sense of stillness and calm. I was constantly running throughout... Continue Reading →

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